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-*- text -*-

Release 2.0.90 and later of PCL-CVS requires parts of the Elib library, version
1.0 or later.  Elib can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/emacs, and
from a lot of other mirror sites.  Get Elib, and install it, before proceeding.
It's probably also available from where you downloaded PCL-CVS.

Installation of the pcl-cvs program

 -1. Download and install the Elib library (if it's not done yet).

  0. Don't forget to first install the Elib library.

  1. Edit the file `Makefile' to reflect the situation at your site.
     The only things you have to change is the definition of `lispdir'
     and `infodir'.  The elisp files will be copied to `lispdir', and
     the info file to `infodir'.

  2. Make sure you have already installed the Elib library.

  3. Type `make install' in the source directory.  This will
     byte-compile all `.el' files and copy all the
     `.elc' files into the directory you specified in step 1.
     It will also copy the info files (and add a corresponding entry to the
     info-dir file if install-info can be found).

     If you want to install the `.el' files,
     just type ``make install_el''.

     If you only want to create the compiled elisp files, but don't
     want to install them, you can type `make elcfiles' instead.

  4. Edit the file `site-start.el' in your emacs lisp directory (usually
     `/usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp' or something similar) and enter the
     contents of the file `pcl-cvs-startup.el' into it.  It contains
     a couple of `auto-load's that facilitates the use of pcl-cvs.
     Alternatively, you can just use `make install_startup'.

How to make typeset documentation from pcl-cvs.texinfo

   If you have TeX installed at your site, you can make a typeset
manual from `pcl-cvs.texi' by typing ``make pcl-cvs.dvi''.  If you
prefer a postscript version of this file, just use ``make pcl-cvs.ps''.

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