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@(#) README,v 1.17 1996/01/01 20:58:43 ceder Exp

This is the readme file for pcl-cvs, release XXRELEASEXX.

This is actually not a release at all.  I give up.  See lastwill.txt.
The rest of this file is probably correct, but the information has not
been checked.

This release is not intended for widespread distribution. It contains several
bugs, among them:

*  The diff commands ("d" and "b") do not work well on the output from
*  The display from cvs-status is ugly.
*  cvs-status is not documented.
*  cvs-status is almost entirely untested.
*  The parser is not at all fault-tolerant.
*  The files NEWS and pcl-cvs.texinfo are not updated (the ChangeLog
file is, however).

Pcl-cvs is a front-end to CVS version 1.3.  It integrates the most
frequently used CVS commands into emacs.

This release of pcl-cvs requires Elib 0.07 or later.  Elib is no
longer distributed with pcl-cvs, since that caused too much confusion.
You can get Elib from in pub/emacs/elib-*.tar.gz. I
is packed with gzip, which is available from in

There is some configuration that needs to be done in pcl-cvs.el to get
it to work.  See the instructions in file INSTALL.

Full documentation is in pcl-cvs.texinfo.  Since it requires makeinfo
version 2 or 3 a preformatted info file is also included (

If you have been using a previous version of pcl-cvs (for instance
1.02 which is distributed with CVS 1.3) you should read through the
file NEWS to see what has changed.

				Per Cederqvist
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