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pcl-cvs / BUGS

* undo doesn't work on `Removed' files.
  Use add instead.

* unmark-up doesn't work on the last entry.
  use `u' instead.

* examine sometimes gives `need merge' instead of `unresolved conflicts'.
  This is due to CVS giving ambiguous output.  It's easy to fix CVS, it's
  much harder to guess what it meant.  You can circumvent the bug by typing
  `s' to force pcl-cvs to do a `cvs status' on the file which will then get
  the correct status.

* cvs-mode-rtag is completely brain-dead.

* cvs-client-1.10 with cvs-server-1.9 (or older) breaks.
  You need (setq cvs-execute-single-dir t) in your .emacs

* Michael Kifer says that M-u scrolls the buffer up so that the `updating
  buffer' message can't be seen anymore.

* calling cvs-mode-idiff on a directory gives garbage.
  don't do it!

* Michale Kifer reports that sometimes the cvs process doesn't get killed
  when the *cvs* buffer gets killed.  This can then lead to error messages
  complaining the process' output buffer doesn't exist anymore.