pcl-cvs / 0.ChangeLog

  This is the second upstream ChangeLog. 

Tue Mar 17 03:16:19 1992  Per Cederqvist  (ceder@leopold)

	* pcl-cvs.el (cvs-mode-map): Don't bind "q" to kill-buffer.

	* pcl-cvs.el (cvs-pp): Print more descriptive strings than "U",
	  "M" and so on.

Sun Mar 15 01:55:00 1992  Per Cederqvist  (ceder@robin)

	* cookie.el (cookie-delete): Really reset cookie-last-tin if it
	  points to the deleted tin.

Sat Mar 14 13:14:31 1992  Per Cederqvist  (ceder@ruben)

	* pcl-cvs.el: MOD-CONFLICT support. cvs-set-tag removed.

Mon Mar  9 18:08:50 1992  Per Cederqvist  (ceder@robin)

	* pcl-cvs.el: Many, many changes. Mostly for 1.3, but also new

	* cookie.el (cookie-delete): Reset cookie-last-tin if it points to
	  the deleted tin.

	* cookie.el (cookie-filter-tins): New function.

Wed Oct 16 18:32:02 1991  Per Cederqvist  (ceder at robert)

	* pcl-cvs.el (cvs-find-file-other-window): Find the file in the
	  correct window.

Thu Sep 26 00:15:03 1991  Per Cederqvist  (ceder at lysator)

	* pcl-cvs.el (cvs-update, cvs-delete-unused-temporary-buffers):
	  Delete invisible buffers on cvs-buffers-to-delete. 

Wed Sep 25 20:55:56 1991  Per Cederqvist  (ceder at robert)

	* pcl-cvs.el (cvs-find-file): Created.

	* pcl-cvs.el (cvs-find-file-other-window): Set default-directory

	* pcl-cvs.el (cvs-diff-cvs): support for context diffs.

	* pcl-cvs.el: New variable cvs-erase-input-buffer.

Tue Sep 24 12:42:26 1991  Per Cederqvist  (ceder at laila)

	* pcl-cvs.el (cvs-skip-line): Additional argument ERRORMSG.

	* pcl-cvs.el (cvs-update): Update the process state in the modeline.

	* pcl-cvs.el (cvs-update, cvs-sentinel): 
	  Use a new unique buffer for the output of each cvs update, and
	  delete it if the parsing succeeded.