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pcomplete provides a facility for using programmatic completion in
Emacs.	It is especially useful for utilities like shells and command
interpretors, but can in fact be used anywhere within Emacs.

The simple way to begin using pcomplete is with comint-derived modes.
To do this, add the following to that mode's mode-hook.	 shell-mode is
given as an example:

  (load "pcmpl-auto")
  (add-hook 'shell-mode-hook 'pcomplete-shell-setup)

Now just type `M-x shell' and press TAB.  Enter a command name, like
"cvs", and press TAB again.  You should see a context-sensitive list
of completions for the first argument (which for cvs is the command

			John Wiegley <>

Recent activity


Commits by aidan were pushed to xemacs/pcomplete

7359a15 - pcomplete, new finding, was use #'manual-entry instead of GNU's #'man.

Commits by stephent were pushed to xemacs/pcomplete

f7ecd93 - XEmacs Dev Team replaces John Wiegley as maintainer. <>

Commits by viteno were pushed to xemacs/pcomplete

aa1dc8a - pcomplete (mis)defines read-event, René Kyllingstad <>, <>.
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