aidan  committed 7359a15

pcomplete, new finding, was use #'manual-entry instead of GNU's #'man.

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+2009-06-17  It's me FKtPp ;)  <>
+	* pcomplete.el (pcomplete-man-function): use #'manual-entry
+	instead of GNU's #'man in XEmacs
 2008-07-10  Norbert Koch  <>
 	* Makefile (VERSION): XEmacs package 1.05 released.

File pcomplete.el

   :type 'hook
   :group 'pcomplete)
-(defcustom pcomplete-man-function 'man
+(defcustom pcomplete-man-function (if (featurep 'xemacs)
+                                      #'manual-entry
+                                    'man)
   "*A function to that will be called to display a manual page.
 It will be passed the name of the command to document."
   :type 'function