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aidan  committed a988d1e

Fix \u problems in packages from my last commit.

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+2006-04-29  Aidan Kehoe  <kehoea@parhasard.net>
+	* cperl-mode.el (cperl-short-docs):
+	'\u' => '\\u' as it should have been in the first place. 
 2005-04-27  Norbert Koch  <viteno@xemacs.org>
 	* Makefile (VERSION): XEmacs package 1.08 released.

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 \\0	Octal char, e.g. \\033.
 \\E	Case modification terminator.  See \\Q, \\L, and \\U.
 \\L	Lowercase until \\E .  See also \l, lc.
-\\U	Upcase until \\E .  See also \u, uc.
+\\U	Upcase until \\E .  See also \\u, uc.
 \\Q	Quote metacharacters until \\E .  See also quotemeta.
 \\a	Alarm character (octal 007).
 \\b	Backspace character (octal 010).