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This PGG package was extracted from SEMI (EMIKO branch)
( on 2002-09-28 by Simon Josefsson and
made independent from APEL and FLIM by Daiki Ueno and Simon Josefsson
soon after.

Recent activity


website_scraping began watching xemacs/pgg


Commits by viteno-guest were pushed to xemacs/pgg

140ce2f - XEmacs Package Release 1.08

Commits by sperber-guest were pushed to xemacs/pgg

b7d07e4 - Finally commit a version of the pgg-parse.el change that runs on non-mule

Commits by viteno were pushed to xemacs/pgg

a4743f4 - Increment VERSION in Makefile

Commits by stephent were pushed to xemacs/pgg

a1631c2 - Fix smoketest by reverting broken patch.

Commits by aidan were pushed to xemacs/pgg

3fe64a0 - Check CCL available at run time, not compile time, in PGG.

Commits by viteno were pushed to xemacs/pgg

c09a324 - Increment VERSION in Makefile

Commits by simon were pushed to xemacs/pgg

b1d7b72 - 2005-08-15 Simon Josefsson <> * pgg.el (url-insert-file-contents): Don't autoload it, Emacs has it in url-handlers.el and XEmacs in url.el. Reported by Luca Capello and Romain ...
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