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Author Commit Message Date Builds
2004-09-16 Simon Josefsson <jas@extundo.com> * pgg-def.el: Sync with Gnus CVS until and including 2003-10-02 entry below 2004-01-15 Jesper Harder <harder@ifa.au.dk> * pgg-def.el: Remove unnecessary (require 'custom). 2003-11-10 Simon Josefsson <jas@extundo.com> * pgg-def.el (pgg-encrypt-for-me): Change default from nil to t. 2003-10-02 Jesper Harder <harder@ifa.au.dk> * pgg-def.el (pgg-default-keyserver-address): Change to …
2003-05-10 Ville Skyttä <scop@xemacs.org> * pgg.el (pgg-temp-buffer-show-function): Reuse existing visible output window if one is available. 2003-05-09 Simon Josefsson <jas@extundo.com> * pgg.texi (Default user identity): Add. 2003-03-17 Simon Josefsson <jas@extundo.com> * pgg.texi: Fix setfilename. Tiny patch by Frank Haun <pille3003@fhaun.de>. 2003-04-29 Simon Josefsson <jas@extundo.com> * pgg.el (run-at-time): Autol…
2002-11-11 Simon Josefsson <jas@extundo.com> * pgg.el (pgg-encrypt, pgg-decrypt, pgg-sign, pgg-verify): Display output when called interactively. 2002-11-02 Simon Josefsson <jas@extundo.com> * pgg-gpg.el (pgg-gpg-encrypt-region): Makes PGG respect the setting of the default user ID. From Raymond Scholz <ray-2002@zonix.de>. 2002-10-30 Simon Josefsson <jas@extundo.com> * pgg-def.el (pgg-passphrase-cache-expiry): New, defcustom. …
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