ps-print.tar.gz has the following files:

   ps-print-X-Y-Z/README			This file
   ps-print-X-Y-Z/ps-print-20.new		News for Emacs 20
   ps-print-X-Y-Z/ps-print-21.new		News for Emacs 21

   ps-print-X-Y-Z/lisp/ps-print/ps-bdf.el	BDF font file handler
   ps-print-X-Y-Z/lisp/ps-print/ps-mule.el	multi-byte character facility
   ps-print-X-Y-Z/lisp/ps-print/ps-print.el	main file
   ps-print-X-Y-Z/lisp/ps-print/makefile	Makefile for byte-compiling
						ps-print with Unix-like systems
						(Unix or Win32 with cygwin)
   ps-print-X-Y-Z/lisp/ps-print/make.bat	Batchfile to byte-compiling
						ps-print with Win32-Systems

   ps-print-X-Y-Z/etc/ps-print/ps-prin0.ps	prologue file 0
   ps-print-X-Y-Z/etc/ps-print/ps-prin1.ps	prologue file 1

Where X is the version number, Y is the release number and Z is the subrelease
number.  The Z part is optional, so it's possible to exist ps-print-X-Y/.


1. Add the lisp-subdirectory of your ps-print installation to your load-path.
   You can do this in your .emacs or site-start.el with:

   (add-to-list 'load-path "/your/path/to/ps-print/lisp")

2. Go to the lisp subdirectory of ps-print:

   cd ./ps-print/lisp/ps-print

3. Type:  make.
   On Unix or Cygwin-Environment, this will run the makefile file.
   On Windows 9X/NT/2000 environment, this will call make.bat.
   This will byte-compile all Emacs Lisp files (*.el files).

4. Install the prologue files.

   On GNU Emacs, the prologue files (ps-prin*.ps) should be installed in
   directory given by `data-directory' variable which contains a string like

   On XEmacs, the prologue files (ps-prin*.ps) should be installed in directory
   given by `(locate-data-directory "ps-print")'.

   If you wish to install prologue files in another directory, you should
   customize `ps-postscript-code-directory' to contain the directory.  I
   recommend this way.

   One way to set `ps-postscript-code-directory' is to insert in your ~/.emacs:

      (setq ps-postscript-code-directory "/directory/of/prologue/files/")
      ;; (I recommend this way)

   Or type:

      M-x set-variable RET ps-postscript-code-directory RET
      "/directory/of/prologue/files/" RET

   Or type:

      M-x ps-print-customize RET
      and customize `ps-postscript-code-directory'.

Happy hacking