psgml-dtds / etc / ISO_8879-1986 / entities / ISOcyr2

<!-- (C) International Organization for Standardization 1986
     Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with
     conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in
     ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.
<!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation:
     <!ENTITY % ISOcyr2 PUBLIC
       "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Non-Russian Cyrillic//EN">
<!ENTITY djcy   SDATA "[djcy  ]"--=small dje, Serbian-->
<!ENTITY DJcy   SDATA "[DJcy  ]"--=capital DJE, Serbian-->
<!ENTITY gjcy   SDATA "[gjcy  ]"--=small gje, Macedonian-->
<!ENTITY GJcy   SDATA "[GJcy  ]"--=capital GJE Macedonian-->
<!ENTITY jukcy  SDATA "[jukcy ]"--=small je, Ukrainian-->
<!ENTITY Jukcy  SDATA "[Jukcy ]"--=capital JE, Ukrainian-->
<!ENTITY dscy   SDATA "[dscy  ]"--=small dse, Macedonian-->
<!ENTITY DScy   SDATA "[DScy  ]"--=capital DSE, Macedonian-->
<!ENTITY iukcy  SDATA "[iukcy ]"--=small i, Ukrainian-->
<!ENTITY Iukcy  SDATA "[Iukcy ]"--=capital I, Ukrainian-->
<!ENTITY yicy   SDATA "[yicy  ]"--=small yi, Ukrainian-->
<!ENTITY YIcy   SDATA "[YIcy  ]"--=capital YI, Ukrainian-->
<!ENTITY jsercy SDATA "[jsercy]"--=small je, Serbian-->
<!ENTITY Jsercy SDATA "[Jsercy]"--=capital JE, Serbian-->
<!ENTITY ljcy   SDATA "[ljcy  ]"--=small lje, Serbian-->
<!ENTITY LJcy   SDATA "[LJcy  ]"--=capital LJE, Serbian-->
<!ENTITY njcy   SDATA "[njcy  ]"--=small nje, Serbian-->
<!ENTITY NJcy   SDATA "[NJcy  ]"--=capital NJE, Serbian-->
<!ENTITY tshcy  SDATA "[tshcy ]"--=small tshe, Serbian-->
<!ENTITY TSHcy  SDATA "[TSHcy ]"--=capital TSHE, Serbian-->
<!ENTITY kjcy   SDATA "[kjcy  ]"--=small kje Macedonian-->
<!ENTITY KJcy   SDATA "[KJcy  ]"--=capital KJE, Macedonian-->
<!ENTITY ubrcy  SDATA "[ubrcy ]"--=small u, Byelorussian-->
<!ENTITY Ubrcy  SDATA "[Ubrcy ]"--=capital U, Byelorussian-->
<!ENTITY dzcy   SDATA "[dzcy  ]"--=small dze, Serbian-->
<!ENTITY DZcy   SDATA "[DZcy  ]"--=capital dze, Serbian-->
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