psgml-dtds / etc / ISO_8879-1986 / entities / isoamsc.ent

Full commit

     File isoamsc.ent produced by the XSL script mmldtd.xsl
     from input data in unicode.xml.

     Please report any errors to 
     David Carlisle <>.

     The numeric character values assigned to each entity
     (should) match either official Unicode assignments
     or assignments in the STIX proposal for characters
     for Mathematics.

     The STIX assignments are temporary and will change if
     the proposal or some variant of it is adopted by the
     Unicode Consortium.

     Entity names in this file are derived from files carrying the
     following notice:

     (C) International Organization for Standardization 1991
     Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with
     conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in
     ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.


<!ENTITY dlcorn      "&#8990;" ><!--U231E /llcorner O: lower left corner -->
<!ENTITY drcorn      "&#8991;" ><!--U231F /lrcorner C: lower right corner -->
<!ENTITY gtlPar     "&#58006;" ><!--UE296 dbl left parenthesis, greater -->
<!ENTITY langd      "&#58007;" ><!--UE297 left angle, dot -->
<!ENTITY lbrke      "&#58009;" ><!--UE299 left bracket, equal -->
<!ENTITY lbrksld    "&#58013;" ><!--UE29D left bracket, solidus bottom corner -->
<!ENTITY lbrkslu    "&#58011;" ><!--UE29B left bracket, solidus top corner -->
<!ENTITY lceil       "&#8968;" ><!--U2308 /lceil O: left ceiling -->
<!ENTITY lfloor      "&#8970;" ><!--U230A /lfloor O: left floor -->
<!ENTITY lmoust     "&#58004;" ><!--UE294 /lmoustache -->
<!ENTITY lparlt     "&#58002;" ><!--UE292 O: left parenthesis, lt -->
<!ENTITY ltrPar     "&#58005;" ><!--UE295 dbl right parenthesis, less -->
<!ENTITY rangd      "&#58008;" ><!--UE298 right angle, dot -->
<!ENTITY rbrke      "&#58010;" ><!--UE29A right bracket, equal -->
<!ENTITY rbrksld    "&#58012;" ><!--UE29C right bracket, solidus bottom corner -->
<!ENTITY rbrkslu    "&#58014;" ><!--UE29E right bracket, solidus top corner -->
<!ENTITY rceil       "&#8969;" ><!--U2309 /rceil C: right ceiling -->
<!ENTITY rfloor      "&#8971;" ><!--U230B /rfloor C: right floor -->
<!ENTITY rmoust     "&#58003;" ><!--UE293 /rmoustache -->
<!ENTITY rpargt     "&#58001;" ><!--UE291 C: right paren, gt -->
<!ENTITY ulcorn      "&#8988;" ><!--U231C /ulcorner O: upper left corner -->
<!ENTITY urcorn      "&#8989;" ><!--U231D /urcorner C: upper right corner -->