psgml-dtds / etc / ISO_8879-1986 / entities / isocyr1.ent

     File isocyr1.ent produced by the XSL script mmldtd.xsl
     from input data in unicode.xml.

     Please report any errors to 
     David Carlisle <>.

     The numeric character values assigned to each entity
     (should) match either official Unicode assignments
     or assignments in the STIX proposal for characters
     for Mathematics.

     The STIX assignments are temporary and will change if
     the proposal or some variant of it is adopted by the
     Unicode Consortium.

     Entity names in this file are derived from files carrying the
     following notice:

     (C) International Organization for Standardization 1986
     Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with
     conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in
     ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.


<!ENTITY acy         "&#1072;" ><!--U0430 =small a, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Acy         "&#1040;" ><!--U0410 =capital A, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY bcy         "&#1073;" ><!--U0431 =small be, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Bcy         "&#1041;" ><!--U0411 =capital BE, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY chcy        "&#1095;" ><!--U0447 =small che, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY CHcy        "&#1063;" ><!--U0427 =capital CHE, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY dcy         "&#1076;" ><!--U0434 =small de, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Dcy         "&#1044;" ><!--U0414 =capital DE, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY ecy         "&#1101;" ><!--U044D =small e, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Ecy         "&#1069;" ><!--U042D =capital E, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY fcy         "&#1092;" ><!--U0444 =small ef, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Fcy         "&#1060;" ><!--U0424 =capital EF, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY gcy         "&#1075;" ><!--U0433 =small ghe, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Gcy         "&#1043;" ><!--U0413 =capital GHE, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY hardcy      "&#1098;" ><!--U044A =small hard sign, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY HARDcy      "&#1066;" ><!--U042A =capital HARD sign, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY icy         "&#1080;" ><!--U0438 =small i, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Icy         "&#1048;" ><!--U0418 =capital I, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY iecy        "&#1077;" ><!--U0435 =small ie, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY IEcy        "&#1045;" ><!--U0415 =capital IE, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY iocy        "&#1105;" ><!--U0451 =small io, Russian -->
<!ENTITY IOcy        "&#1025;" ><!--U0401 =capital IO, Russian -->
<!ENTITY jcy         "&#1081;" ><!--U0439 =small short i, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Jcy         "&#1049;" ><!--U0419 =capital short I, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY kcy         "&#1082;" ><!--U043A =small ka, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Kcy         "&#1050;" ><!--U041A =capital KA, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY khcy        "&#1093;" ><!--U0445 =small ha, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY KHcy        "&#1061;" ><!--U0425 =capital HA, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY lcy         "&#1083;" ><!--U043B =small el, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Lcy         "&#1051;" ><!--U041B =capital EL, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY mcy         "&#1084;" ><!--U043C =small em, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Mcy         "&#1052;" ><!--U041C =capital EM, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY ncy         "&#1085;" ><!--U043D =small en, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Ncy         "&#1053;" ><!--U041D =capital EN, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY numero      "&#8470;" ><!--U2116 =numero sign -->
<!ENTITY ocy         "&#1086;" ><!--U043E =small o, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Ocy         "&#1054;" ><!--U041E =capital O, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY pcy         "&#1087;" ><!--U043F =small pe, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Pcy         "&#1055;" ><!--U041F =capital PE, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY rcy         "&#1088;" ><!--U0440 =small er, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Rcy         "&#1056;" ><!--U0420 =capital ER, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY scy         "&#1089;" ><!--U0441 =small es, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Scy         "&#1057;" ><!--U0421 =capital ES, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY shchcy      "&#1097;" ><!--U0449 =small shcha, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY SHCHcy      "&#1065;" ><!--U0429 =capital SHCHA, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY shcy        "&#1096;" ><!--U0448 =small sha, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY SHcy        "&#1064;" ><!--U0428 =capital SHA, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY softcy      "&#1100;" ><!--U044C =small soft sign, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY SOFTcy      "&#1068;" ><!--U042C =capital SOFT sign, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY tcy         "&#1090;" ><!--U0442 =small te, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Tcy         "&#1058;" ><!--U0422 =capital TE, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY tscy        "&#1094;" ><!--U0446 =small tse, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY TScy        "&#1062;" ><!--U0426 =capital TSE, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY ucy         "&#1091;" ><!--U0443 =small u, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Ucy         "&#1059;" ><!--U0423 =capital U, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY vcy         "&#1074;" ><!--U0432 =small ve, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Vcy         "&#1042;" ><!--U0412 =capital VE, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY yacy        "&#1103;" ><!--U044F =small ya, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY YAcy        "&#1071;" ><!--U042F =capital YA, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY ycy         "&#1099;" ><!--U044B =small yeru, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Ycy         "&#1067;" ><!--U042B =capital YERU, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY yucy        "&#1102;" ><!--U044E =small yu, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY YUcy        "&#1070;" ><!--U042E =capital YU, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY zcy         "&#1079;" ><!--U0437 =small ze, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY Zcy         "&#1047;" ><!--U0417 =capital ZE, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY zhcy        "&#1078;" ><!--U0436 =small zhe, Cyrillic -->
<!ENTITY ZHcy        "&#1046;" ><!--U0416 =capital ZHE, Cyrillic -->
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