psgml-dtds / etc / html-math.sgml

<!-- all these entities copied from = -->

<!ENTITY agr    SDATA "[agr   ]"--small alpha, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Agr    SDATA "[Agr   ]"--capital Alpha, Greek-->
<!ENTITY bgr    SDATA "[bgr   ]"--small beta, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Bgr    SDATA "[Bgr   ]"--capital Beta, Greek-->
<!ENTITY ggr    SDATA "[ggr   ]"--small gamma, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Ggr    SDATA "[Ggr   ]"--capital Gamma, Greek-->
<!ENTITY dgr    SDATA "[dgr   ]"--small delta, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Dgr    SDATA "[Dgr   ]"--capital Delta, Greek-->
<!ENTITY egr    SDATA "[egr   ]"--small epsilon, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Egr    SDATA "[Egr   ]"--capital Epsilon, Greek-->
<!ENTITY zgr    SDATA "[zgr   ]"--small zeta, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Zgr    SDATA "[Zgr   ]"--capital Zeta, Greek-->
<!ENTITY eegr   SDATA "[eegr  ]"--small eta, Greek-->
<!ENTITY EEgr   SDATA "[EEgr  ]"--capital Eta, Greek-->
<!ENTITY thgr   SDATA "[thgr  ]"--small theta, Greek-->
<!ENTITY THgr   SDATA "[THgr  ]"--capital Theta, Greek-->
<!ENTITY igr    SDATA "[igr   ]"--small iota, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Igr    SDATA "[Igr   ]"--capital Iota, Greek-->
<!ENTITY kgr    SDATA "[kgr   ]"--small kappa, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Kgr    SDATA "[Kgr   ]"--capital Kappa, Greek-->
<!ENTITY lgr    SDATA "[lgr   ]"--small lambda, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Lgr    SDATA "[Lgr   ]"--capital Lambda, Greek-->
<!ENTITY mgr    SDATA "[mgr   ]"--small mu, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Mgr    SDATA "[Mgr   ]"--capital Mu, Greek-->
<!ENTITY ngr    SDATA "[ngr   ]"--small nu, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Ngr    SDATA "[Ngr   ]"--capital Nu, Greek-->
<!ENTITY xgr    SDATA "[xgr   ]"--small xi, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Xgr    SDATA "[Xgr   ]"--capital Xi, Greek-->
<!ENTITY ogr    SDATA "[ogr   ]"--small omicron, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Ogr    SDATA "[Ogr   ]"--capital Omicron, Greek-->
<!ENTITY pgr    SDATA "[pgr   ]"--small pi, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Pgr    SDATA "[Pgr   ]"--capital Pi, Greek-->
<!ENTITY rgr    SDATA "[rgr   ]"--small rho, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Rgr    SDATA "[Rgr   ]"--capital Rho, Greek-->
<!ENTITY sgr    SDATA "[sgr   ]"--small sigma, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Sgr    SDATA "[Sgr   ]"--capital Sigma, Greek-->
<!ENTITY sfgr   SDATA "[sfgr  ]"--final small sigma, Greek-->
<!ENTITY tgr    SDATA "[tgr   ]"--small tau, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Tgr    SDATA "[Tgr   ]"--capital Tau, Greek-->
<!ENTITY ugr    SDATA "[ugr   ]"--small upsilon, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Ugr    SDATA "[Ugr   ]"--capital Upsilon, Greek-->
<!ENTITY phgr   SDATA "[phgr  ]"--small phi, Greek-->
<!ENTITY PHgr   SDATA "[PHgr  ]"--capital Phi, Greek-->
<!ENTITY khgr   SDATA "[khgr  ]"--small chi, Greek-->
<!ENTITY KHgr   SDATA "[KHgr  ]"--capital Chi, Greek-->
<!ENTITY psgr   SDATA "[psgr  ]"--small psi, Greek-->
<!ENTITY PSgr   SDATA "[PSgr  ]"--capital Psi, Greek-->
<!ENTITY ohgr   SDATA "[ohgr  ]"--small omega, Greek-->
<!ENTITY OHgr   SDATA "[OHgr  ]"--capital Omega, Greek-->
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