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[PATCH] psgml-fs.el, psgml-html.el, psgml-info.el to provide themselves, autoload `html-quote-region' <>

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+2000-08-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
+	* psgml-html.el(html-quote-region): Add autoload cookie.
+	* psgml-fs.el (psgml-fs): Provide yourself.
+	* psgml-html.el (psgml-html): Ditto.
+	* psgml-info.el (psgml-info): Ditto.
 2000-06-26  Jerry James  <>
 	* Makefile: add edebug and xemacs-devel dependencies for
 ;;; Code:
+(provide 'psgml-fs)
 (require 'psgml-api)
 ;;;; Formatting parameters
 (defvar html-auto-sgml-entity-conversion nil
   "*Control automatic sgml entity to ISO-8859-1 conversion")
+(provide 'psgml-html)
 (require 'psgml)
 (require 'derived)
 (when html-auto-sgml-entity-conversion
       (insert "<a href=\"mailto:" (car (cdr lis)) "\">"
 	      (or (car lis) (car (cdr lis))) "</a>"))))
 (defun html-quote-region (begin end)
   "\"Quote\" any characters in the region that have special HTML meanings.
 This converts <'s, >'s, and &'s into the HTML commands necessary to
 ;;;; Code:
+(provide 'psgml-info)
 (require 'psgml)
 (require 'psgml-parse)