psgml / Makefile

Diff from to
-# Makefile for psgml support lisp code
+# Makefile for psgml lisp code
 # This file is part of XEmacs.
 TEXI_FILES = $(PACKAGE).texi $(PACKAGE)-api.texi
-DATA_FILES = $(wildcard etc/[EHRWhisw]*) etc/CATALOG $(wildcard etc/*ent) \
-	     $(wildcard etc/*.dtd) $(wildcard etc/*.mod) $(wildcard etc/*.dcl)
-DATA_1_FILES = $(shell $(XEMACS) -batch -no-autoloads -eval "$(GET_CDTD_FILES)")
-(progn \
-  (find-file \
-   \"etc/ECAT\") \
-  (princ \
-    (replace-in-string \
-     (buffer-string) \
-     \"FILE.*[ \\t]+\\\\([^ \\t]+\\\\)[ \\r\\t]*\\n\" \
-     \" etc/\\\\1\"))))
-DATA_1_DEST = $(PACKAGE)/cdtd
-DATA_2_FILES = $(wildcard etc/ISO_8879-1986/entities/[A,D-Z]*) \
-               $(wildcard etc/ISO_8879-1986/entities/*.ent)
-DATA_2_DEST = $(PACKAGE)/ISO_8879-1986/entities
+# We need to set this to an existing directory when building the package.
+PRELOADS = -eval "(setq sgml-data-directory (expand-file-name \".\"))"
 include ../../XEmacs.rules
 GENERATED += custom-load.elc
-SGML_DATA_DIRECTORY = (expand-file-name \"etc\")
-SGML_ECAT_FILES = (expand-file-name \"ECAT\" sgml-data-directory)
-SGML_CATALOG_FILES = (expand-file-name \"CATALOG\" sgml-data-directory)
-PRELOADS = -eval "(setq sgml-data-directory $(SGML_DATA_DIRECTORY))"
-$(DATA_1_FILES): force
 all:: $(ELCS) auto-autoloads.elc custom-load.elc \
-	$(PACKAGE).info $(PACKAGE) \
-	etc/ECAT etc/CATALOG $(DATA_1_FILES) $(DATA_2_FILES) etc/*.ent
-	mkdir -p etc/cdtd
-	$(BOOT_XEMACS) -l psgml-html -l psgml-parse \
-               -eval "(setq sgml-auto-activate-dtd t  \
-			    sgml-ecat-files (list $(SGML_ECAT_FILES))  \
-			    sgml-catalog-files (list $(SGML_CATALOG_FILES)))" \
-	       -f sgml-compile-all-dtds
-# I left this target here even though 'clean' is usually done from
-# XEmacs.rules because it was the easiest way to remove the generated
-# files in 'etc/cdtd/' and keep the directory in tact so a
-# '.cvsignore' file could be used.  And I didn't want to put a special
-# case in XEmacs.rules just for the benefit of 1 package. <>
-	rm -f etc/cdtd/docbook etc/cdtd/html* etc/cdtd/mathml \
-		etc/cdtd/xhtml1-* $(ELCS) $(INFO_FILES) auto-autoloads.elc \
-		custom-load.elc
+	$(PACKAGE).info $(PACKAGE)
 srckit: srckit-std
 binkit: binkit-common
-# Force rebuilding with this pseudo-target.
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