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-This is the READ ME file for psgml.el version 1.2.1.       -*- text -*-
+This is the READ ME file for psgml.el version 1.2.2.       -*- text -*-
-This is a BETA releas of PSGML.  
+This is a BETA release of PSGML. Release 1.2.2 fixes a number of bugs
+in 1.2.1.
 PSGML is a major mode for editing SGML and XML documents.  It works with
 GNU Emacs 19.34, 20.3 and later or with XEmacs 19.9 and later.  PSGML
 To install PSGML you first need to uncompress and unpack the source
 archive.  This is done with the `gunzip' and `tar' commands.
-     gunzip psgml-1.2.1.tar.gz; tar xf psgml-1.2.1.tar
+     gunzip psgml-1.2.2.tar.gz; tar xf psgml-1.2.2.tar
 This should create a subdirectory to the current directory with the
 source code. This directory contains a `configure' command (see the file