psgml / psgml-html.el

Diff from to


   (make-local-variable 'sgml-default-doctype-name)
   (setq sgml-declaration             (expand-file-name "html.decl"
-	sgml-default-doctype-name    "html"
-	sgml-always-quote-attributes t 
+	sgml-default-doctype-name    "HTML"
+	sgml-always-quote-attributes t
 	sgml-indent-step             2
 	sgml-indent-data	     t
 	sgml-inhibit-indent-tags     '("pre")
 	 (setq font-lock-keywords-case-fold-search t)
 	 (setq font-lock-keywords html-font-lock-keywords)
 	 (setq font-lock-no-comments t)))
   (if html-helper-do-write-file-hooks
       (add-hook 'local-write-file-hooks 'html-helper-update-timestamp))
    (entity  "\C-c&"   "&"		"Ampersand"	 ("&"))
    (entity  "\C-c>"   ">"	  	"Greater Than"   (">"))
    (entity  "\C-c<"   "&lt;"		"Less Than"	 ("&lt;"))
    ;; logical styles
    (logical "v"       "<div"            "Text Division"  ("<div align=\"" (r "Alignment: ") "\">" (r "Text: ") "</div>"))
    (logical "n"       "<center>"        "Center"         ("<center>" (r "Text: ") "</center>"))
    (anchor  "n"	      "<a name="	"Link Target"	 ("<a name=\"" (p "Anchor name: ") "\">" (r "Anchor text: ") "</a>"))
-   (anchor  "h"	      "<a href="        "Hyperlink"      ("<a href=\"" (p "URL: ") "\">" (r "Anchor text: ") "</a>"))                
+   (anchor  "h"	      "<a href="        "Hyperlink"      ("<a href=\"" (p "URL: ") "\">" (r "Anchor text: ") "</a>"))
    (image   "m"       "<map name="      "Image map"      ("<map name=\"" (r "Map name: ") "\">"))
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