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psgml / README.psgml

This is the READ ME file for psgml.el version 1.3.2.       -*- outline -*-

This is an ALPHA release. 

* User interface changes

** Rename sgml-general-dtd-info to sgml-describe-dtd. Keep old name as

** Made menus compact, only one top level menu.

** Added new function sgml-show-structure (C-c C-s)
(May need latest emacs version (22))

** Changed C-c C-t to sgml-show-current-element-type
New more comprehensive information display.

** New mouse menu, sgml-right-menu on S-mouse-3 
If invoked on a start-tag will include entries to manipulate the
tag/element, including setting attributes. If invoked in content it
will be a menu of valid elements.

** The <?PSGML> process instruction
Not new, but now documented and improved.

     help-text="marks a foo"
     attnames=("ID" "STYLE")
     structure=ignore ?>

Must be placed in the DTD.