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# SUMMARY:      README for pydoc.el emacs interface to Python pydoc.
# AUTHOR:       Bob Weiner
# ORG:          Deepware
# ORIG-DATE:    23-Apr-01 at 00:03:37
# LAST-MOD:     23-Apr-01 at 00:16:15 by Bob Weiner
# Copyright (C) 2001  Bob Weiner
# Licensed under the Python license version 2.0 or higher.

pydoc.el is an Emacs/XEmacs/InfoDock interface to the Python pydoc system.
It provides convenient integration with powerful programming editors,
speeding both Python learning and day-to-day access of reference
documentation while programming.

For installation information, see the DESCRIPTION section in "pydoc.el".


pydoc.el adds one new global key binding, {C-c M-h} (pydoc-commands) which
displays a menu of commands for interacting with pydoc.  It is global so
you may examine Python documentation whenever needed, regardless of whether
you have a Python code buffer on screen.

The following commands are available, each invoked by typing the first
character of the command name when prompted with the menu.

A)propos <term>    - list modules/packages with <term> in their first line doc strings
H)elp <term>       - display doc for name <term> or string literal '<term>'
K)eyword <keyword> - with completion, display doc for a Python <keyword>
M)odule <name>     - with completion, display doc for a Python module <name>
P)ackage <name>    - with completion, display doc for a Python package <name>
T)opic <topic>     - with completion, display Python reference doc for <topic>
X)ref <term>       - with completion, display doc for a pydoc cross-reference
                     within a Python reference manual section

?   - show the above help
C-g - abort from menu