This is the README file of the RefTeX distribution, version 4.14 

Your kit should contain the following files:

README             This file
INSTALL            A brief installation guide
NUTSHELL           A 3-page summary of how to use RefTeX
CHANGES            The package history
COPYING            The GNU General Public License
Makefile           The Makefile to compile and install RefTeX
reftex.texinfo     The TeX-Info file containing the documentation
lpath.el           A file needed to compile the lisp files

reftex.el          The basic file with the parser and the mode definitions
reftex-auc.el      The AUCTeX interface.
reftex-cite.el     Code for making citations.
reftex-global.el   Actions on entire multifile documents.
reftex-index.el    Code to support the Index.
reftex-parse.el    RefTeX's parser for LaTeX files.
reftex-ref.el      Code to create and reference labels.
reftex-sel.el      The selection modes.
reftex-toc.el      The Table of Contents mode.
reftex-vars.el     All user variables (defcustom forms).
reftex-dcr.el      Code to display cross references and citations.

reftex             \
reftex-1            \
reftex-2             >  The info files (online documentation)
reftex-3            /
reftex-4           /
reftex-5          /

RefTeX is part of Emacs (version 20.2 and later) and is distributed as
one of the XEmacs packages.  If you use an earlier version of Emacs,
this kit can be used to install RefTeX.

The most recent version of RefTeX is available at