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reftex / CHANGES

This is the CHANGES file of the RefTeX distribution, version 4.11 

Here are the more important changes made to RefTeX since initial release.
Minor bug fixes are not mentioned.

Version 4.16
   - Minor updates and fixes.

Version 4.14
   - Ensure write access to all files before doing global label replace.
   - Fixed bug which would parse \partial as \part.

Version 4.12
   - Support for `bibentry' citation package.

Version 4.11
   - Fixed bug which would parse \Section as \section.

Version 4.10
   - Renamed `reftex-vcr.el' to `reftex-dcr.el' because of conflict
     with `reftex-vars.el' on DOS machines.
   - New options `reftex-parse-file-extension' and

Version 4.09
   - RefTeX maintaines an "Index Phrases" file in which phrases can be 
     collected.  When the document is ready, RefTeX can search all
     these phrases and assist indexing all matches.
   - The variables `reftex-index-macros' and
     `reftex-index-default-macro' have changed their syntax slightly.
     The "repeat" parameter has move from the latter to the former.
     Also calls to `reftex-add-index-macros' from AUCTeX style files
     need to be adapted.
   - The variable `reftex-section-levels' no longer contains the
     default stuff which has been moved to a constant.
   - Environments like theorems can be placed into the TOC by putting
     entries for "begin{theorem}" in `reftex-setion-levels'.
Version 4.07
   - New option `reftex-toc-max-level' to limit the depth of the toc.
     The `t' key in the *toc* and *RefTeX Select* buffers also changes
     this variable.
Version 4.06
   - `reftex-section-levels' can now also contain functions to compute 
   - Multiple `thebibliography' environments recognized.
Version 4.04
   - New option `reftex-index-default-tag' implements a default for queries.
Version 4.02
   - macros ending in `refrange' are considered to contain references.
   - Index entries made with `reftex-index-selection-or-word' in TeX
     math mode automatically get enclosing `$' to preserve math mode.
     See new option `reftex-index-math-format'.  Requires AUCTeX.
Version 4.01
   - New command `reftex-index-globally' to index a word in many
     places in the document.  Also available from the index buffer with
     the `&' key.
   - The first item in a @code{reftex-label-alist} entry may now also
     be a parser function to do non-standard parsing.
   - `reftex-auto-view-crossref' no longer interferes with
Version 4.00
   Many changes - too much to document them in detail here.  In summary:
   - RefTeX has been split into 11 smaller lisp files.
   - Index support, along with many new user options.
   - The selection of keys for `\ref' and `\cite' now allows to
     select multiple items by marking entries with the `m' key.
   - fancyref.sty support.
Version 3.38
   - `reftex-view-crossref' no longer moves to find a macro.
   - Bug fix for XEmacs selection process.
Version 3.36
   - New value `window' for option `reftex-auto-view-crossref'.
Version 3.35
   - ISO 8859 Latin-1 chars are converted to ASCII to derive better labels.
     This takes back the related changes in 3.34 for safety reasons.
   - Fixed bug with non-existing string-width function in XEmacs.
Version 3.34
   - Additional flag in `reftex-derive-label-parameters' to make only
     lowercase labels (default t).
   - All .rel files have a final newline to avoid queries.
   - Single byte representations of accented European letters (ISO-8859-1)
     are legal in labels.  However, general Mule characters are not.
Version 3.33
   - Multiple Selection Buffers are now hidden (names start with a space).
   - Fixed bug with file search when TEXINPUTS was empty.
Version 3.30
   - In `reftex-citation', the regexp can be completed on known cite keys.
   - New keys `a' and `A' in bib selection process to cite all entries.
   - New command `reftex-renumber-simple-labels' to renumber `eq:13' etc.
Version 3.28
   - Auto view crossref for XEmacs uses post-command-hook to restart the
     timer, since itimer restart is not reliable.
   - Option `reftex-bibfile-ignore-list' renamed to `-regexps'.
   - Expansion of recursive tex and bib path rewritten.
Version 3.27
   - Macros can define "neutral" labels, just like \label{} itself.
   - New option `reftex-allow-detached-macro-args', default nil!
Version 3.26
   - [X]Emacs 19 support dropped.  Use 3.22 for them.
   - New hooks `reftex-translate-to-ascii-function',
Version 3.25
   - Echoing of citation info caches the info for displayed entries.
     New option `reftex-cache-cite-echo'.
   - `M-x reftex-reset-mode' now also removes the file with parsing info.
   - Default of `reftex-revisit-to-follow' changed to nil.
Version 3.24
   - New option `reftex-revisit-to-echo'.
   - Interface with X-Symbol (>=2.6) is now complete and stable.
   - Adapted to new outline, which uses overlays.
Version 3.23
   - Parse files MASTER.rel made compatible between Emacs and XEmacs.
   - `kill-emacs-hook' and `kill-buffer-hook' now write the parse file.
   - The cursor inside a \ref or \cite macro now triggers automatic
     display of crossref information in the echo area.  See variable
   - AUCTeX interface updates:
     - AUCTeX 9.9c and later notifies RefTeX about new sections.
     - RefTeX notifies AUCTeX about new labels.
     - TeX-arg-ref no longer used (introduction was unnecessary).
     - `reftex-arg-label' and `reftex-arg-cite' fixed up.
     - Settings added to RefTeX via style files remain local.
Version 3.22
   - `reftex-mouse-view-crossref' is now bound by default at `S-mouse-2'
Version 3.21
   - New options for all faces used by RefTeX.  They're in the
     customization group `reftex-fontification-configurations'.
Version 3.18
   - The selection now uses a recursive edit, much like minibuffer input.
     This removes all restrictions during selection.  E.g. you can now
     switch buffers at will, use the mouse etc.
   - New option `reftex-highlight-selection'.
   - Mouse-2 can be used to select in selection and *toc* buffers.
   - Fixed some problems regarding the interaction with VIPER mode.
   - Follow-mode is now only used after point motion.
   - RefTeX now finally does not fontify temporary files anymore!
Version 3.17
   - Additional bindings in selection and *toc* buffers.  `g' redefined. 
   - New command `reftex-save-all-document-buffers'.
   - Magic word matching made more intelligent.
   - Selection process can switch to completion (with TAB).
   - \appendix is now recognized and influences section numbering.
   - File commentary shortened considerably (use Info documentation).
   - New option `reftex-no-include-regexps' to skip some include files.
   - New option `reftex-revisit-to-follow'.
Version 3.16
   - New hooks `reftex-format-label-function', `reftex-format-ref-function',
   - TeXInfo documentation completed.
   - New variable `reftex-default-bibliography'.
Version 3.14
   - Selection buffers can be kept between selections: this is faster.
     See new variable `reftex-use-multiple-selection-buffers'.
   - Prefix interpretation of reftex-view-crossref changed.
   - Support for the `varioref' package (`v' key in selection buffer).
Version 3.12
   - There are 3 new keymaps for customization: `reftex-toc-map',
     `reftex-select-label-map', `reftex-select-bib-map'.
   - Refontification uses more standard font-lock stuff.
   - When no BibTeX database files are specified, citations can also
     use \bibitem entries from a `thebibliography' environment.
Version 3.03
   - Support for the LaTeX package `xr', for inter-document references.
   - A few (minor) Mule-related changes.
   - Fixed bug which could cause HUGE .rel files.
   - Search for input and .bib files with recursive path definitions.
Version 3.00
   - RefTeX should work better for very large projects:
      - The new parser works without creating a master buffer.
      - Rescanning can be limited to a part of a multifile document.
      - Information from the parser can be stored in a file.
   - RefTeX can deal with macros having a naked label as an argument.
   - Macros may have white space and newlines between arguments.
   - Multiple identical section headings no longer confuse `reftex-toc'.
   - RefTeX should work correctly in combination with buffer-altering
     packages like outline, folding, x-symbol, iso-cvt, isotex, etc.
   - All labeled environments discussed in `The LaTeX Companion' by
     Goossens, Mittelbach & Samarin, Addison-Wesley 1994) are part of
     RefTeX's defaults.
Version 2.17
   - Label prefix expands % escapes with current file name and other stuff.
   - Citation format now with % escapes.  This is not backward compatible!
   - TEXINPUTS variable recognized when looking for input files.
   - Context can be the nth argument of a macro.
   - Searching in the select buffer is now possible (C-s and C-r).
   - Display and derive-label can use two different context methods.
   - AMSmath xalignat and xxalignat added.
Version 2.14
   - Variable `reftex-plug-into-AUCTeX' simplifies cooperation with AUCTeX.
Version 2.11
   - Submitted for inclusion to Emacs and XEmacs.
Version 2.07
   - New functions `reftex-search-document', `reftex-query-replace-document'
Version 2.05
   - Support for `custom.el'.
   - New function `reftex-grep-document' (thanks to Stephen Eglen).
Version 2.03
   - Figure*, table*, Sidewaysfigure/table added to default environments.
   - `reftex-bibfile-ignore-list' introduced (thanks to Rory Molinari).
   - New functions `reftex-arg-label', `reftex-arg-ref', `reftex-arg-cite'.
   - Emacs/XEmacs compatibility reworked.  XEmacs 19.15 now is required.
   - `reftex-add-to-label-alist' (to be called from AUCTeX style files).
   - Finding context with a hook function.
   - Sorting BibTeX entries (new variable: `reftex-sort-bibtex-matches').
Version 2.00
   - Labels can be derived from context (default for sections).
   - Configuration of label insertion and label referencing revised.
   - Crossref fields in BibTeX database entries.
   - `reftex-toc' introduced (thanks to Stephen Eglen).
Version 1.09
   - Support for `tex-main-file', an analogue for `TeX-master'.
   - MS-DOS support.
Version 1.07
   - RefTeX gets its own menu.
Version 1.05
   - XEmacs port.
Version 1.04
   - Macros as wrappers, AMSTeX support, delayed context parsing for
     new labels.
Version 1.00
   - released on 7 Jan 1997.