riece / AUTHORS

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Copyright (C) 1998-2003 Daiki Ueno
Copyright (C) 1989 Tor Lillqvist

Riece is mainly written by Daiki Ueno <>.

The development of Riece has started to redesign the Liece IRC client.
Liece is based on Irchat (version 3.01) which has been distributed
under GNU General Public License version 1 or later.  Liece was mainly
written by the same author of Riece.  Tor Lillqvist <> is
the original author of Irchat.  See doc/irchat-copyright.el for the
original copyright statement of Irchat.

Riece has code borrowed from other elisp packages such as Gnus,
Emacs-w3m, ECB, and SEMI.  I would like to thank the developers of
these packages.

Other authors:

OHASHI Akira  <>
Yoichi NAKAYAMA  <>