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 * Requirements
 - Emacs 20.7 or later / XEmacs 21.4 or later
-- Ruby 1.6 or later (optional)
+- Ruby 1.8 or later (optional)
 * Installation
 $ ./configure
 $ sudo make install
+Add the following line to your Emacs startup file such as ~/.emacs.
+  (autoload 'riece "riece" "Start Riece" t)
 If you are using XEmacs and want to install as a package, supply
 "--with-xemacs" option to the configure script and use
 "install-package" target instead of "install".
+* Manuals
+Info manuals are available after installation.  To read, start Emacs
+and type M-x info and select "Riece-en".
 * Bug reports
-If you write bug reports and/or suggestions for improvement, 
-please send them to the Liece Mailing List.
-This mailing list is also for other general discussions (about
-future enhancements, customization, etc). To join the Liece ML,
-send an e-mail to:
-with the message body, 
-     subscribe Your Name
+If you write a bug report, please send them to the Liece Mailing List