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* What's this?

Riece is an IRC client for Emacs.  The development has started to
redesign the Liece IRC client.

Riece provides the following features:

- Several IRC servers may be used at the same time.
- Essential features can be built upon the extension framework (called
  "add-on") capable of dependency tracking.
- Installation is easy.  Riece doesn't depend on other packages.
- Setup is easy.  Automatically save/restore the configuration.
- Riece uses separate windows to display users, channels, and
  dialogues.  The user can select the window layout.
- Step-by-step instructions (currently written in Japanese) are included.
- Mostly compliant with RFC 2812.

* Directory tree

This package contains following directories:

lisp/ - Emacs Lisp files.
doc/  - Documentation files.

* Requirements

- Emacs 20.7 or later / XEmacs 21.4 or later
- Ruby 1.6 or later (optional)

* Installation

$ ./configure
$ sudo make install

If you are using XEmacs and want to install as a package, supply
"--with-xemacs" option to the configure script and use
"install-package" target instead of "install".

* Bug reports

If you write bug reports and/or suggestions for improvement, 
please send them to the Liece Mailing List.

This mailing list is also for other general discussions (about
future enhancements, customization, etc). To join the Liece ML,
send an e-mail to:


with the message body, 

     subscribe Your Name