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riece / AUTHORS

Copyright (C) 1998-2005 Daiki Ueno
Copyright (C) 1989 Tor Lillqvist

Riece is mainly written by Daiki Ueno <ueno@unixuser.org>.

The development of Riece has started to redesign the Liece IRC client.
Liece was mainly written by the same author of Riece.  Liece is based
on Irchat (version 3.01) which has been distributed under GNU General
Public License version 1 or later.  Tor Lillqvist <tml@iki.fi> is the
original author of Irchat.  The current Riece source code, however,
doesn't contain any code from Irchat.  For the historical reason, the
original copyright statement of Irchat is filed under

Riece has many code borrowed from other GPL'ed elisp packages such as
Gnus, Emacs-w3m, ECB, and SEMI.  I would like to thank the developers
of these packages.

Other authors:

TAKAHASHI Kaoru  <kaoru@kaisei.org>
OHASHI Akira  <bg66@koka-in.org>
Yoichi NAKAYAMA  <yoichi@geiin.org>
Masatake YAMATO <jet@gyve.org> (riece-yank.el)
Steve Youngs <steve@sxemacs.org> (riece-xfaceb.el)