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Updated and cleaned up Makefiles and's according to the new packages' new official location.

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+2002-08-07  Ville Skyttä  <>
+	* Package moved to official location in xemacs-packages.
 2002-08-02  Simon Josefsson  <>
 	* Makefile: Require ecrypto, category unsupported, remove md*.el,
-# Makefile for XEmacs base lisp code
+# Makefile for sasl lisp code.
 # This file is part of XEmacs.
 PACKAGE = sasl
 PKG_TYPE = regular
 REQUIRES = ecrypto
-CATEGORY = unsupported
+CATEGORY = standard
 ELCS = hmac-def.elc hmac-md5.elc hmac-sha1.elc ntlm.elc sasl.elc \
 	sasl-cram.elc sasl-digest.elc sasl-ntlm.elc sasl-scram.elc
-  (standards-version 0.1
+  (standards-version 1.1
    version VERSION
    author-version AUTHOR_VERSION
    date DATE
    build-date BUILD_DATE
    maintainer MAINTAINER
-   distribution unsupported
+   distribution xemacs
    priority low
    category CATEGORY
    dump nil
-   description "Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) library"
+   description "Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) library."
    filename FILENAME
    md5sum MD5SUM
    size SIZE