semantic / INSTALL

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 1) Copy source files somewhere.
+1.1) Optional: Install EIEIO CLOS library package from:
+1.2) Optional: Install the Speedbar package from:
+     Note: Some parts of semantic may not load with the version
+	   of speedbar included in current versions of Emacs
 2) Byte compile semantic (optional, but recommended)
-   a) run "make"
-   b) If that fails, byte compile the files individually from Emacs or XEmacs.
+   a) Edit Makefile, and change LOADPATH to include the path to
+	 EIEIO and Speedbar.
+   b) run "make"
+   -OR-
+   a) run: make "LOADPATH=<path to eieio> <path to speedbar>"
+   If byte compilation fails fails:
+    a) Follow step 3:
+    b) byte compile the files individually and interactivly from
+	Emacs or XEmacs.
 3) Install load hooks into your .emacs file.
-(add-to-list 'load-path "~/semantic-#.#") ; so Emacs can find semantic
-					; change to actual install area.
+(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/semantic")
+(setq semantic-load-turn-everything-on t)
+(require 'semantic-load)
-(require 'semantic-c) ; for C code integration
-(require 'semantic-el) ; for Emacs Lisp code integration
-(require 'semantic-make) ; for Makefile integration
-(require 'semantic-imenu) ; if you use imenu or wich-function
-(add-hook 'speedbar-load-hook (lambda () (require 'semantic-sb)))
-			; for speedbar integration
-(autoload 'semantic-bnf-mode "semantic-bnf" "Mode for Bovine Normal Form." t)
-(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.bnf$" . semantic-bnf-mode))
-			; for editing .bnf parser files.
-(autoload 'semantic-minor-mode "semantic-mode" "Mode managing semantic parsing." t)
-			; for semantic-minor-mode
+4) If turning everything on is too much:
+   Remove the first line setting the variable that turns everything on.
+   Investigate the file `semantic-load.el', and include those pieces
+   you want to use.
+5) To send bug reports, or participate in discussions about semantic,
+   use the mailing list via the URL: