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semantic / INSTALL

How to install Semantic

1) Copy source files somewhere.

1.1) Optional: Install EIEIO CLOS library package from:

1.2) Optional: Install the Speedbar package from:
     Note: Some parts of semantic may not load with the version
	   of speedbar included in current versions of Emacs

2) Byte compile semantic (optional, but recommended)

   a) Edit Makefile, and change LOADPATH to include the path to
	 EIEIO and Speedbar.
   b) run "make"


   a) run: make "LOADPATH=<path to eieio> <path to speedbar>"

   If byte compilation fails fails:
    a) Follow step 3:
    b) byte compile the files individually and interactivly from
	Emacs or XEmacs.

3) Install load hooks into your .emacs file.

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/semantic")
(setq semantic-load-turn-everything-on t)
(require 'semantic-load)

4) If turning everything on is too much:

   Remove the first line setting the variable that turns everything on.
   Investigate the file `semantic-load.el', and include those pieces
   you want to use.

5) To send bug reports, or participate in discussions about semantic,
   use the mailing list cedet-semantic@@sourceforge.net via the URL: