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semantic / NEWS

* Changes for Semantic 1.4

** New Non-recursive parser by David Ponce <david@dponce.com>

** Changed contents of some nonterminals to make them language agnostic

*** Variables no longer contain an explicit constant flag.

*** Modifiers field for variable, function, and types is now an association

** Semantic Context Analysis library

*** Analyzizes via type information the local context

*** Provides smart completion information

*** Speedbar mode for using analysis information.

** Semantic Class Browser structure generator

*** Generates objects representing a browsable class structure
    which links parents and subclasses and externally defined
    methods into an easilly navigated (programatically) structure.

*** Speedbar interface to browser structure (simple)

** User Visible Features

*** semantic-load.el simplifies installation.

*** Added partial reparseing of buffers where only token contents have changed.

*** Added `semantic-show-dirty-mode'.

*** Added `semantic-show-unmatched-syntax-mode'

*** Added `semantic-auto-reparse-mode'

*** Added new tool, `semanticdb'.
    Semanticdb caches token lists between sessions with a specific file.

*** Added semantic-texi for parsing texinfo files.

**** Commands for creating @deffn sections from source

**** Commands for updating an entire document with the source.

*** Added semantic-scm for parsing Scheme (guile) scripts

*** semantic-el now has a much faster Emacs Lisp parser.
    It uses the built in Emacs read command.

*** semantic-c updates

**** Handles most of C++, including templates

**** Faster type parsing

**** Faster function/variable parsing

**** Summary text for keywords for eldoc

*** Added Senator (Semantic Navigator) by David Ponce <david@dponce.com>

**** Provides a minor mode keymap and menu.

**** Search and Isearch in token names.

**** Jump to functions by name

**** Token Completion, and completion menu.

**** eldoc support for languages supported by semantic.

**** hippie expand try function for token names.

*** Added Java.bnf by David Ponce <david@dponce.com>

**** java.bnf from JDE by Paul Kinnucan and David Ponce

**** semantic-java.el derived from JDE.

**** eldoc support in bnf modes.

*** semantic-imenu can now tags for all files that had been loaded in
    emacs in a directory if semanticdb is active

*** Imenu and speedbar group externally defined methods together.

** bnf-mode: Language Author Features

*** Parsing with `semantic-toplevel-bovinate-override' is better supported.

*** Fixed BNF indentation engine to handle Optional Lambda Expressions
   in a much cleaner way.

*** Keyword table for a language can be generated using %token specifiers
    and queried using `semantic-flex-map-keywords'.

*** Source level debugging in the .bnf file

*** skeleton.bnf as a good starting point for new languages.
Local variables:
mode: outline
paragraph-separate: "[ 	]*$"