semantic / INSTALL

How to install Semantic

1) Byte compile semantic (optional, but recommended)
2) Install load hooks into your .emacs file.

   Follow the INSTALL file in the top level of this distribution.

3) If turning everything on is too much:

   There are five levels of support provided in semantic.  The
   functions you can use are:


   If you do not get the specific combination of features you want
   you can enable or disable individual features as you wish.
   Please see the documentation for those features for additional
   information about what they enable.

3.141) Custom setup

   If you don't want to use one of the default mode enable functions
   above, you can instead turn on only the parts you want.

   Read the info file in doc/  It contains descriptions
   all the different minor modes.

4) To send bug reports, or participate in discussions about semantic,
   use the mailing list via the URL: