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Don't set the current langenv to ja just because someone used a japanese IM.

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+2007-08-15  Aidan Kehoe  <>
+	* skk-leim.el (skk-leim):
+	Setting the current language environment to Japanese just because
+	skk-leim.el was loaded is wrong. 
 2003-03-21  Ben Wing  <>
 	* texi\.cvsignore: New.  Add entries for skk*.html.
  'skk-auto-fill-activate nil
  "Simple Kana to Kanji conversion program with auto-fill")
-(unless (string= current-language-environment "Japanese")
-  (set-language-environment "Japanese"))
-(setq-default default-input-method "japanese-skk")
-(setq default-input-method "japanese-skk")
 (provide 'skk-leim)
 ;;; skk-leim.el ends here