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Martin's Monster Mega typo patch

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+2000-10-05  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>
+	* *: Mega typo fix.
 2000-08-22  Steve Youngs  <youngs@xemacs.org>
 	* Makefile: Remove target 'clean' because it's covered in XEmacs.rules.

File skk-foreword.el

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 (defun skk-terminal-face-p ()
   (and (not window-system)
-       ;;; XEmacs does not have this funciton...
+       ;;; XEmacs does not have this function...
        (fboundp 'frame-face-alist) ; $BJQ?tL>$_$?$$$J4X?t$@$J(B...$B!#(B
        (fboundp 'selected-frame) ))

File skk-isearch.el

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 	       (add-hook 'pre-command-hook 'skk-pre-command nil 'local)))))
 (defun skk-isearch-incomplete-message (&optional prefix)
-  "Show message when kana kanji convertion is in progress.
-Optional argument PREFIX is apppended if given."
+  "Show message when kana kanji conversion is in progress.
+Optional argument PREFIX is appended if given."
   (let ((isearch-message (concat isearch-message
 				 skk-isearch-incomplete-message prefix)))

File skk.el

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 skk-search $B4X?t$,(B skk-search-prog-list $B$N(B car $B$+$i8eJ}8~$X=gHV$K(B S $B<0$NI>2A$r(B
   :type '(repeat
-	  (list (function :tag "Search funcition")
+	  (list (function :tag "Search function")
 		(choice :tag "Dictionary" file (const nil))
 		(choice :tag "Minimum region size to be binary-searched"
 			integer (const nil))
   "*$B%G%#%U%)%k%H$N6gFIE@$N%?%$%W!#(B`jp' $B$b$7$/$O(B `en' $B$H$$$&%7%s%\%k!#(B" )
 (defcustom skk-read-from-minibuffer-function nil
-  "*$BC18lEPO?%b!<%I$G(B read-from-minibuffer $B$N(B INITIAL-CONTENTS $B$rDs6!$9$k(B funcition$B!#(B
+  "*$BC18lEPO?%b!<%I$G(B read-from-minibuffer $B$N(B INITIAL-CONTENTS $B$rDs6!$9$k(B function$B!#(B
 $B$3$N(B function $B$OJ8;zNs$rJV$5$J$1$l$P$J$i$J$$!#(B
 $BNc$($P!"(Bskk-henkan-key $B$r$=$N$^$^(B initial-contents $B$H$7$FMxMQ$7$?$$$H$-(B