skk / Makefile

Diff from to
 DATA_FILES = $(wildcard etc/[RS]*)
-INFO_FILES = texi/* 
-HTML_FILES = texi/gpl*.html texi/skk*.html texi/skk-faq*.html
-HTML_DEP = texi/gpl.html texi/skk.html texi/skk-faq.html
-TEXI_FILES = texi/gpl.texi texi/skk.texi texi/skk-faq.texi
+EXPLICIT_DOCS = texi/skk.texi
+EXTRA_TEXI_FILES = texi/gpl.texi texi/skk-faq.texi
 include ../../XEmacs.rules
-GENERATED += custom-load.elc
-compile:: auto-autoloads.elc $(ELCS) custom-load.elc texi
-.PHONY: texi
-	$(MAKE) EMACS=$(XEMACS) -C texi info
 # skk-vars.el:
 # 	rm -f skk-vars.el
 # 	$(XEMACS) -no-autoloads -batch -l ./make-vars.el -f make-skk-vars
-binkit: binkit-common
-	@echo SKK requires XEmacs/Mule to build
-# Noop
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