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skk / skk-server.el

;;; skk-server.el --- SKK $B%5!<%P!<$N$?$a$N%W%m%0%i%`(B
;; Copyright (C) 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996,
;;               1997, 1998, 1999
;; Masahiko Sato <masahiko@kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp>

;; Author: Masahiko Sato <masahiko@kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp>
;; Maintainer: Mikio Nakajima <minakaji@osaka.email.ne.jp>
;; Version: $Id$
;; Keywords: japanese
;; Last Modified: $Date$

;; This file is part of SKK.

;; SKK is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either versions 2, or (at your option)
;; any later version.

;; SKK is distributed in the hope that it will be useful
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.

;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with SKK, see the file COPYING.  If not, write to the Free
;; Software Foundation Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston,
;; MA 02111-1307, USA.

;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
(eval-when-compile (require 'skk))
(require 'skk-foreword)

(defgroup skk-server nil "SKK server related customization."
  :prefix "skk-server-"
  :group 'skk )

;; user variables.
(defcustom skk-server-host (getenv "SKKSERVER")
  "*SKK $B<-=q%5!<%P!<$rAv$i$;$F$$$k%[%9%HL>!#(B"
  :type 'string
  :group 'skk-server )

(defcustom skk-server-prog (getenv "SKKSERV")
  "*SKK $B<-=q%5!<%P!<%W%m%0%i%`L>!#%U%k%Q%9$G=q$/!#(B"
  :type 'file
  :group 'skk-server )

(defcustom skk-server-jisyo (getenv "SKK_JISYO")
  "*SKK $B<-=q%5!<%P!<%W%m%0%i%`$KEO$9<-=qL>!#%U%k%Q%9$G=q$/!#(B"
  :type 'file
  :group 'skk-server )

(defcustom skk-server-portnum nil
  "*Non-nil $B$G$"$l$P!"$=$NCM$r(B port number $B$H$7$F(B skkserv $B$H(B TCP $B@\B3$9$k!#(B
/etc/services $B$rD>@\=q$-49$($k8"8B$,$J$$%f!<%6!<$N$?$a$NJQ?t!#(B"
  :type '(choice integer (const nil))
  :group 'skk-server )

;;(defvar skk-server-debug nil
;;  "*Non-nil $B$G$"$l$P!"<-=q%5!<%P!<%W%m%0%i%`$r%G%#%P%C%0%b!<%I$G5/F0$9$k!#(B
;;$B%G%#%P%C%0!&%b!<%I$G(B skkserv $B$rAv$i$;$k$H!"$=$N$^$^(B foreground $B$GAv$j!"%a%C%;!<(B
;;$B%8$r=PNO$9$k!#%-!<%\!<%I$+$i3d$j$3$_$r$+$1$k$3$H$b$G$-$k!#(B" )

(defcustom skk-servers-list nil

$B3FMWAG$K=g$K%[%9%HL>!"%U%k%Q%9$G$N(B SKK $B%5!<%P!<L>!"(BSKK $B%5!<%P!<$KEO$9<-=qL>!"(B
SKK $B%5!<%P!<$,;HMQ$9$k%]!<%HHV9f$r=q$-!"@_Dj$r$9$k$3$H$,$G$-$k!#(B

   \(setq skk-servers-list
         '\(\(\"host1\" \"/path/to/skkserv\" \"/path/to/SKK-JISYO.L\" 1178\)
           \(\"host2\" \"/path/to/skkserv\"\) \)\)

$B%5!<%P!<$N%G%#%U%)%k%H$N<-=q$*$h$S%]!<%HHV9f$r;HMQ$9$k>l9g$O(B nil $B$r;XDj$9$k$+!"(B


   \(setq skk-servers-list '\(\(\"host1\"\) \(\"host2\"\)\)\)

$B$N$h$&$K!"%[%9%HL>$@$1$r=q$/$3$H$,$G$-$k!#>e5-$N@_DjNc$G$O!"(Bhost1, host2 $B$K$*(B
$B$1$k(B skkserv $B%5!<%S%9$N(B TCP $B@\B3$N3+;O$N$_;n$_!"%5!<%P!<$N5/F0$O;n$_$J$$!#(B"
  :type '(repeat
	  (list (string :tag "Hostname")
		(choice :tag "Server" file (const nil))
		(choice :tag "Dictionary" file (const nil))
		(choice :tag "Port number" integer (const nil)) ))
  :group 'skk-server )

(defcustom skk-server-report-response nil
  "*Non-nil $B$G$"$l$P!"JQ49;~%5!<%P!<$NAw=P$9$kJ8;z$r<u$1<h$k$^$G$K(B accept-process-output $B$r2?2s<B9T$7$?$+$rJs9p$9$k!#(B"
  :type 'boolean
  :group 'skk-server )

(defcustom skk-server-remote-shell-program
  (or (getenv "REMOTESHELL")
      (and (boundp 'remote-shell-program) remote-shell-program)
       ((eq system-type 'berkeley-unix)
        (if (file-exists-p "/usr/ucb/rsh") "/usr/ucb/rsh" "/usr/bin/rsh") )
       ((eq system-type 'usg-unix-v)
        (if (file-exists-p "/usr/ucb/remsh") "/usr/ucb/remsh" "/bin/rsh"))
       ((eq system-type 'hpux) "/usr/bin/remsh")
       ((eq system-type 'EWS-UX/V) "/usr/ucb/remsh")
       ((eq system-type 'pcux) "/usr/bin/rcmd")
       (t "rsh") ))
  :type 'file
  :group 'skk-server )

(defcustom skk-server-load-hook nil
  "*skk-server.el $B$r%m!<%I$7$?8e$K%3!<%k$5$l$k%U%C%/!#(B"
  :type 'hook
  :group 'skk-server )

;; internal constants and variables.
(defconst skk-network-open-status 'open)
(defconst skkserv-working-buffer " *skkserv*")
(defvar skkserv-process nil)

(defun skk-server-version ()
  (if (interactive-p)
      (message (skk-server-version))
    (let (status)
      (if (not (or skk-server-host skk-servers-list))
          (skk-error "Lack of host information of SKK server"
                     "SKK $B%5!<%P!<$N%[%9%H>pJs$,$"$j$^$;$s(B" ))
      (setq status (process-status "skkservd"))
      (or (eq status skk-network-open-status) (setq status (skk-open-server)))
      (if (eq status skk-network-open-status)
          (let (v)
              (with-current-buffer skkserv-working-buffer
                ;; $B%5!<%P!<%P!<%8%g%s$rF@$k!#(B
                (process-send-string "skkservd" "2")
                (while (eq (buffer-size) 0)
                  (accept-process-output) )
                (setq v (buffer-string))
                ;; $B%[%9%HL>$rF@$k!#(B
                (process-send-string "skkservd" "3")
                (while (eq (buffer-size) 0)
                  (accept-process-output) )
                (goto-char (point-min))
                 (concat "SKK SERVER version %s"
                         (if skk-japanese-message-and-error
                             "($B%[%9%HL>(B %s)"
                           "running on HOST %s" ))
                 v (prog1 (buffer-string) (erase-buffer)) ))))))))

(defun skk-search-server (file limit &optional nomsg)
  ;; SKK $B<-=q%U%)!<%^%C%H$N(B FILE $B$G(B SKK $B%5!<%P!<$r;HMQ$7$F(B skk-henkan-key $B$r%-!<(B
  ;; $B$K$7$F8!:w$r9T$&!#(B
  ;; SKK $B%5!<%P!<$,;HMQ$G$-$J$$$H$-$O!"(BFILE $B$r%P%C%U%!$KFI$_9~$s$G%5!<%A$r9T(B
  ;; $B$&!#(B
  ;; LIMIT $B$H(B NOMSG $B$O(B SKK $B%5!<%P!<$r;HMQ$7$J$$$H$-$N$_;H$&!#(B
  ;; $B8!:w%j!<%8%g%s$,(B LIMIT $B0J2<$K$J$k$^$G%P%$%J%j%5!<%A$r9T$$!"$=$N8e%j%K%"(B
  ;; $B%5!<%A$r9T$&!#(B
  ;; LIMIT $B$,(B 0 $B$G$"$l$P!"%j%K%"%5!<%A$N$_$r9T$&!#(B
  ;; $B<-=q$,%=!<%H$5$l$F$$$J$$$N$G$"$l$P!"(BLIMIT $B$r(B 0 $B$9$kI,MW$,$"$k!#(B
  ;; $B%*%W%7%g%J%k0z?t$N(B NOMSG $B$,(B non-nil $B$G$"$l$P(B skk-get-jisyo-buffer $B$N%a%C(B
  ;; $B%;!<%8$r=PNO$7$J$$$h$&$K$9$k!#(B
  (if (or skk-server-host skk-servers-list)
      (skk-search-server-subr file limit)
    (skk-search-jisyo-file file limit nomsg) ))

(defun skk-search-server-subr (file limit)
  ;; skk-search-server $B$N%5%V%k!<%A%s!#(B
  (let ((key
	 (if skk-use-numeric-conversion
	     (skk-num-compute-henkan-key skk-henkan-key)
        ;; $B%P%C%U%!%m!<%+%kCM$N<u$1EO$7$N$?$a!"JLL>$N0l;~JQ?t$K<h$k!#(B
        (okurigana (or skk-henkan-okurigana skk-okuri-char))
        (status (process-status "skkservd")) )
    (or (eq status skk-network-open-status) (setq status (skk-open-server)))
    (if (eq status skk-network-open-status)
        (with-current-buffer skkserv-working-buffer
          (let ((cont t) (count 0)
                l )
            (process-send-string "skkservd" (concat "1" key " "))
            (while (and cont (eq (process-status "skkservd")
                                 skk-network-open-status ))
              (setq count (1+ count))
              (if (> (buffer-size) 0)
                  (if (eq (char-after 1) ?1) ;?1
                      ;; found key successfully, so check if a whole line
                      ;; is received.
                      (if (eq (char-after (1- (point-max))) ?\n) ;?\n
                          (setq cont nil) )
                    ;; not found or error, so exit
                    (setq cont nil) )))
            (goto-char (point-min))
            (if skk-server-report-response
                (skk-message "%d $B2s(B SKK $B%5!<%P!<$N1~EzBT$A$r$7$^$7$?(B"
                             "Waited for server response %d times" count ))
            (if (eq (following-char) ?1) ;?1
                  (forward-char 2)
                  (setq l (skk-compute-henkan-lists okurigana))
                  (if l
                      (cond ((and okurigana skk-henkan-okuri-strictly)
			     ;; $BAw$j2>L>$,F10l$N%(%s%H%j$N$_$rJV$9!#(B
			     (nth 2 l) )
			    ((and okurigana skk-henkan-strict-okuri-precedence)
			     (skk-nunion (nth 2 l) (car l)) )
			    (t (car l)) ))))))
      ;; server is not active, so search file instead
      (skk-search-jisyo-file file limit) )))

(defun skk-open-server ()
  ;; SKK $B%5!<%P!<$H@\B3$9$k!#%5!<%P!<%W%m%;%9$N(B status $B$rJV$9!#(B
  (let (status code proc)
    (if (or (skk-open-network-stream) (skk-open-server-1))
          (setq status (process-status "skkservd"))
          (if (eq status skk-network-open-status)
                (setq code (cdr (assoc "euc" skk-coding-system-alist))
		      proc (get-process "skkservd") )
		(cond ((eq skk-emacs-type 'xemacs)
		       (set-process-input-coding-system proc code)
		       (set-process-output-coding-system proc code) )
		       (set-process-coding-system proc code code) ))))))
    status ))

(defun skk-open-server-1 ()
  ;; skk-open-server $B$N%5%V%k!<%A%s!#(B
  ;; skkserv $B%5!<%S%9$r%*!<%W%s$G$-$?$i(B t $B$rJV$9!#(B
  ;; skkserv $B$O0z?t$K<-=q$,;XDj$5$l$F$$$J$1$l$P!"(BDEFAULT_JISYO $B$r;2>H$9$k!#(B
  (if (null skk-servers-list)
	;; Emacs $B5/F08e$K4D6-JQ?t$r@_Dj$7$?>l9g!#(B
	(if (not skk-server-host)
	    (setq skk-server-host (getenv "SKKSERVER")) )
	(if (not skk-server-prog)
	    (setq skk-server-prog (getenv "SKKSERV")) )
	(if (not skk-server-jisyo)
	    (setq skk-server-jisyo (getenv "SKK_JISYO")) )
	(if skk-server-host
	    (setq skk-servers-list (list (list skk-server-host
					       skk-server-portnum )))
	  (setq skk-server-prog nil) )))
  (while (and (not (eq (process-status "skkservd") skk-network-open-status))
	      skk-servers-list )
    (let ((elt (car skk-servers-list))
	  arg )
      (setq skk-server-host (car elt)
	    skk-server-prog (nth 1 elt)
	    skk-server-jisyo (nth 2 elt)
	    skk-server-portnum (nth 3 elt)
	    skk-servers-list (cdr skk-servers-list) )
      ;; skkserv $B$N5/F0%*%W%7%g%s$O2<5-$NDL$j!#(B
      ;;     skkserv [-d] [-p NNNN] [JISHO]
      ;;     `-d'     $B%G%#%P%C%0!&%b!<%I(B
      ;;     `-p NNNN'     $BDL?.MQ$N%]!<%HHV9f$H$7$F(BNNNN$B$r;H$&(B.
      ;;     `~/JISYO'     ~/JISYO$B$r<-=q$H$7$FMxMQ(B.
      (if skk-server-jisyo
	  (setq arg (list skk-server-jisyo))
	;; skkserv $B$O0z?t$K<-=q$,;XDj$5$l$F$$$J$1$l$P!"(BDEFAULT_JISYO $B$r(B
	;; $B;2>H$9$k!#(B
      ;;(if skk-server-debug
      ;;    (setq arg (cons "-d" arg)) )
      (if (and skk-server-portnum (not (= skk-server-portnum 1178)))
	  (setq arg
		(nconc (list "-p" (number-to-string skk-server-portnum)) arg) ))
      (if (and skk-server-host (not (skk-open-network-stream))
	       skk-server-prog )
	  ;; skk-startup-server $B$G%5!<%P!<$r5/F0$9$k$K$O!"(Bskk-server-host $B$H(B
	  ;; skk-server-prog $B$,@_Dj$5$l$F$$$k$3$H$,I,MW!#(B
	  (skk-startup-server arg) )))
  (if (not (eq (process-status "skkservd") skk-network-open-status))
      ;; reset SKK-SERVER-HOST so as not to use server in this session
      (setq skk-server-host nil
	    skk-server-prog nil
	    skk-servers-list nil )
    t ))

(defun skk-open-network-stream ()
  ;; skk-server-host $B$K$*$1$k(B skkserv $B%5!<%S%9$N(B TCP $B@\B3$r%*!<%W%s$7!"%W%m%;(B
  ;; $B%9$rJV$9!#(B
  (condition-case nil
	(setq skkserv-process
	      (open-network-stream "skkservd" skkserv-working-buffer
				   (or skk-server-portnum "skkserv") ))
	(process-kill-without-query skkserv-process) )
    (error nil) ))

(defun skk-startup-server (arg)
  ;; skkserv $B$r5/F0$G$-$?$i(B t $B$rJV$9!#(B
  (let (
        ;;(msgbuff (get-buffer-create " *skkserv-msg*"))
        (count 7) )
    (while (> count 0)
       "%s $B$N(B SKK $B%5!<%P!<$,5/F0$7$F$$$^$;$s!#5/F0$7$^$9(B%s"
       "SKK SERVER on %s is not active, I will activate it%s"
       skk-server-host (make-string count ?.) )
      (if (or (string= skk-server-host (system-name))
              (string= skk-server-host "localhost"))
          ;; server host is local machine
          (apply 'call-process skk-server-prog nil
                 0 nil arg)
        (apply 'call-process
               skk-server-remote-shell-program nil
               ;; 0 $B$K$7$F%5%V%W%m%;%9$N=*N;$rBT$C$F$O$$$1$J$$M}M3$,$"$k!)(B
               ;; $B$J$1$l$P(B msgbuf $B$K%(%i!<=PNO$r<h$C$?J}$,7z@_E*$G$O!)(B  $B$^$?$=(B
               ;; $B$N>l9g$O$3$N(B while $B%k!<%W<+?H$,$$$i$J$$!)(B
               ;; msgbuff
               0 nil skk-server-host skk-server-prog arg ))
      (sit-for 3)
      (if (and (skk-open-network-stream)
               (eq (process-status "skkservd") skk-network-open-status) )
          (setq count 0)
        (setq count (1- count)) ))
    (if (eq (process-status "skkservd") skk-network-open-status)
          (skk-message "$B%[%9%H(B %s $B$N(B SKK $B%5!<%P!<$,5/F0$7$^$7$?(B"
                       "SKK SERVER on %s is active now"
                       skk-server-host )
          (sit-for 1) ; return t
          t ) ; $B$G$bG0$N$?$a(B
      (skk-message "%s $B$N(B SKK $B%5!<%P!<$r5/F0$9$k$3$H$,$G$-$^$;$s$G$7$?(B"
                   "Could not activate SKK SERVER on %s"
                   skk-server-host )
      (sit-for 1)
      (ding) ;return nil
      nil ))) ; $B$G$bG0$N$?$a(B

(defun skk-adjust-search-prog-list-for-server-search (&optional non-del)
  ;; skk-server-host $B$b$7$/$O(B skk-servers-list $B$,(B nil $B$G$"$l$P!"(B
  ;; skk-search-prog-list $B$+$i(B skk-search-server $B$r(B car $B$K;}$D%j%9%H$r>C$9!#(B
  ;; non-nil $B$G$"$l$P!"2C$($k!#(B
  (if (or skk-server-host skk-servers-list)
      (if (null (assq 'skk-search-server skk-search-prog-list))
          ;; skk-search-prog-list $B$,(B nil $B$H$$$&$3$H$O$^$:$J$$$@$m$&$,!"G0$N$?(B
          ;; $B$a!"(Bsetq $B$7$F$*$/!#(B
          (setq skk-search-prog-list
                ;; $BKvHx$KIU$1$k!#KvHx$K$O(B (skk-okuri-search) $B$r;}$C$F$-$?$$?M(B
                ;; $B$b$$$k$+$b!#%*%W%7%g%s$GIU$1$k>l=j$rJQ99$9$k$h$&$K$7$?J}$,(B
                ;; $BNI$$!)(B
                (nconc skk-search-prog-list
                        '(skk-search-server skk-aux-large-jisyo 10000) ))))
    (if (not non-del)
	(remove-alist 'skk-search-prog-list 'skk-search-server) )))

(defun skk-disconnect-server ()
  ;; $B%5!<%P!<$r@Z$jN%$9!#(B
  (if (and skk-server-host
           (eq (process-status "skkservd") skk-network-open-status) )
        (process-send-string "skkservd" "0") ; disconnect server
        (accept-process-output (get-process "skkservd")) )))

;;(add-hook 'skk-mode-hook 'skk-adjust-search-prog-list-for-server-search)
(add-hook 'skk-before-kill-emacs-hook 'skk-disconnect-server)

(run-hooks 'skk-server-load-hook)

(provide 'skk-server)
;;; skk-server.el ends here