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fixup commit for tag 'sumo-current'

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+;;;### (autoloads (sml-yacc-mode sml-lex-mode sml-cm-mode sml-mode)
+;;;;;;  "sml-mode" "sml-mode.el" (14918 21945))
+;;; Generated autoloads from sml-mode.el
+(add-to-list (quote auto-mode-alist) (quote ("\\.s\\(ml\\|ig\\)\\'" . sml-mode)))
+(autoload (quote sml-mode) "sml-mode" "\
+\\<sml-mode-map>Major mode for editing ML code.
+This mode runs `sml-mode-hook' just before exiting.
+\\{sml-mode-map}" t nil)
+(add-to-list (quote completion-ignored-extensions) "CM/")
+(add-to-list (quote auto-mode-alist) (quote ("\\.cm\\'" . sml-cm-mode)))
+(autoload (quote sml-cm-mode) "sml-mode" "\
+Major mode for SML/NJ's Compilation Manager configuration files." t nil)
+(autoload (quote sml-lex-mode) "sml-mode" "\
+Major Mode for editing ML-Lex files." t nil)
+(add-to-list (quote auto-mode-alist) (quote ("\\.grm\\'" . sml-yacc-mode)))
+(autoload (quote sml-yacc-mode) "sml-mode" "\
+Major Mode for editing ML-Yacc files." t nil)
+;;;### (autoloads nil "sml-proc" "sml-proc.el" (14918 21909))
+;;; Generated autoloads from sml-proc.el
+(autoload (quote run-sml) "sml-proc" nil t)
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