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 ;;; sb-rmail --- Speedbar support for rmail
-;; Copyright (C) 1997, 1998 Free Software Foundation
+;; Copyright (C) 1997, 1998, 1999 Free Software Foundation
 ;; Author: Eric M. Ludlam <>
 ;; Version: 0.1
 ;; files are displayed.  These functions provide rmail specific support,
 ;; showing links and addresses in the side-bar.
-;;   To provide special service to all the modes supported by this file,
-;; put the following in your .emacs file.
-;; (require 'speedbspec)
-;;   This will load in the known functions, and the mode-enabling code
-;; into 'change-major-mode-hook.
+;;   To enable in emacs 20.2 or earlier, add this to your .emacs file.
+;;   (autoload 'rmail-speedbar-buttons "sb-rmail"
+;;             "Rmail specific speedbar button generator.")
 ;;   This file requires speedbar.
 ;;; Change log:
-;; 0.1 - first revision copied from speedbspec.el V 0.1.1
-(require 'speedbspec)
+;; 0.1   - first revision copied from speedbspec.el V 0.1.1
+;; 0.1.1 - removed require speedbspec.
+;; 0.1.2 - Changed to handle new keymap feature.
 ;;; Code:
+(defvar rmail-speedbar-match-folder-regexp "^[A-Z0-9]+\\(\\.[A-Z0-9]+\\)?$"
+  "*This regex us used to match folder names to be displayed in speedbar.
+Enabling this will permit speedbar to display your folders for easy
+browsing, and moving of messages.")
 (defvar rmail-speedbar-last-user nil
   "The last user to be displayed in the speedbar.")
+(defvar rmail-speedbar-key-map nil
+  "Keymap used when in rmail display mode.")
+(defun rmail-install-speedbar-variables ()
+  "Install those variables used by speedbar to enhance rmail."
+  (if rmail-speedbar-key-map
+      nil
+    (setq rmail-speedbar-key-map (speedbar-make-specialized-keymap))
+    (define-key rmail-speedbar-key-map "e" 'speedbar-edit-line)
+    (define-key rmail-speedbar-key-map "r" 'speedbar-edit-line)
+    (define-key rmail-speedbar-key-map "\C-m" 'speedbar-edit-line)
+    (define-key rmail-speedbar-key-map "M"
+      'rmail-speedbar-move-message-to-folder-on-line)))
 (defvar rmail-speedbar-menu-items
-  '(["Browse Item On Line" speedbar-edit-line t]
-    ["Move message to folder" rmail-move-message-to-folder-on-line
+  '(["Read Folder" speedbar-edit-line t]
+    ["Move message to folder" rmail-speedbar-move-message-to-folder-on-line
      (save-excursion (beginning-of-line)
 		     (looking-at "<M> "))])
   "Additional menu-items to add to speedbar frame.")
+;; Make sure our special speedbar major mode is loaded
+(if (featurep 'speedbar)
+    (rmail-install-speedbar-variables)
+  (add-hook 'speedbar-load-hook 'rmail-install-speedbar-variables))
 (defun rmail-speedbar-buttons (buffer)
   "Create buttons for BUFFER containing rmail messages.
 Click on the address under Reply to: to reply to this person.
       (let* ((case-fold-search nil)
 	     (df (directory-files (save-excursion (set-buffer buffer)
-				  nil "^[A-Z0-9]+\\(\\.[A-Z0-9]+\\)?$")))
+				  nil rmail-speedbar-match-folder-regexp)))
 	(while df
 	  (speedbar-insert-button "<M>" 'speedbar-button-face 'highlight
 				  'rmail-speedbar-move-message (car df))
   "Load in the rmail file TEXT.
 TOKEN and INDENT are not used."
-   (message "Loading in RMAIL file %s..." text)
+   (speedbar-message "Loading in RMAIL file %s..." text)
    (find-file text)))
-(defun rmail-move-message-to-folder-on-line ()
+(defun rmail-speedbar-move-message-to-folder-on-line ()
   "If the current line is a folder, move current message to it."