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 2003-01-23  Jari Aalto  <>
-        * other/folding.el: Applied patch from plasma
+        * folding.el: Applied patch from plasma
         <>. The folding markes
         do no longer require starting name: '{{{ MARKER', but can be
         started with plain '{{{'. Files generated this way are compatible
         * folding.el:
         New feature - added font-lock support.
         Removed LCD entry, because OHIO archive hasn't
-        been functional in years. Ducumentation typos cleaned a bit.
+        been functional in years. Documentation typos cleaned a bit.
         (folding-mode): Added call to`folding-font-lock-support'
         (folding-font-lock-keywords): New function.
         (folding-font-lock-support-instantiate): New function.
         missing. Added.
         (folding-uninstall-hooks): added
-        (folding-mode): Moved ,A4(Bfolding-keep-hooked' to the
+        (folding-mode): Moved `folding-keep-hooked' to the
         point where folding is turned on. It should not be called
         if folding is turned off.