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Use #'destructuring-bind, not #'multiple-value-bind, folding.el

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+2009-08-13  Aidan Kehoe  <>
+	* folding.el (folding-all-comment-blocks-in-region)
+	(folding-font-lock-keywords, fold-marks-kill): 
+	Use #'destructuring-bind, not #'multiple-value-bind, avoiding
+	problems on XEmacs version with real multiple value support. 
 2009-01-07  Norbert Koch  <>
 	* Makefile (VERSION): XEmacs package 1.96 released.
       (when (interactive-p)
 	(message "Folding: Cursor not over fold. Can't removed fold marks.")
-    (multiple-value-bind (beg end)
+    (destructuring-bind (beg end)
       (let* ((kill-whole-line t))
 	;;  must be done in this order, because point moves after kill.
   "Return folding font-lock keywords for MODE."
   ;;  Add support mode-by-mode basis. Check if mode is already
   ;;  handled from the property list.
-  (multiple-value-bind (beg end)
+  (destructuring-bind (beg end)
       (folding-get-mode-marks (or mode major-mode))
     (setq beg (concat "^[ \t]*" (regexp-quote beg) "[^\r\n]+"))
     (setq end (concat "^[ \t]*" (regexp-quote end)))
 	 (comment-regexp (concat "^" comment-start))
 	 (marker         (point-marker))
-    (multiple-value-bind (left right ignore)
+    (destructuring-bind (left right ignore)
       ;; Bytecomp silencer: variable ignore bound but not referenced
       (if ignore (setq ignore ignore))