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(folding-font-lock-keywords): Add missing arg to destructuring-bind

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 ;; Vcs-Version: $Revision$
 ;; Vcs-Date:    $Date$
-;; [Latest devel version 5abb5cf]
+;; [Latest devel version]
 ;; Vcs-URL:
-(defconst folding-version-time "2009.0905.0757"
+(defconst folding-version-time "2009.0905.0811"
   "Last edit time in format YYYY.MMDD.HHMM.")
 ;;{{{ GPL
   "Return folding font-lock keywords for MODE."
   ;;  Add support mode-by-mode basis. Check if mode is already
   ;;  handled from the property list.
-  (destructuring-bind (beg end)
+  (destructuring-bind (beg end ignore)
       (folding-get-mode-marks (or mode major-mode))
     (setq beg (concat "^[ \t]*" (regexp-quote beg) "[^\r\n]+"))
     (setq end (concat "^[ \t]*" (regexp-quote end)))
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