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text-modes / ChangeLog

1999-11-11  Andreas Jaeger  <aj@suse.de>

	* htmlize.el: Version 0.49 from Hrvoje Niksic <hniksic@srce.hr>.

1999-07-06  SL Baur  <steve@miho.m17n.org>

	* filladapt.el (fill-paragraph): Quote leading parenthesis.
	(lisp-fill-paragraph): Ditto.
	(fill-region-as-paragraph): Ditto.
	(fill-region): Ditto.
	From Bob Weiner <weiner@altrasoft.com>

1999-04-22  John H Palmieri  <palmieri@member.ams.org>

	* xpm-mode.el (xpm-parse-color):
	Handle s and m fields correctly if before the c field.
	Read color correctly from c field if before s and/or m fields.

1999-04-08  Sam Mikes  <smikes@alumni.hmc.edu>

	* folding.el: (fold-mouse-call-original) use `int-to-string' in `concat'

1999-02-15  SL Baur  <steve@xemacs.org>

	* Makefile (ELCS): Add htmlize.elc.

1998-12-30  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* xrdb-mode.el: Upgrade from version 2.11 -> 2.24
	Snarfed from http://www.python.org/emacs/xrdb-mode.el

1998-10-27  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* flyspell.el (flyspell-mode): Autoload.
	Remove # in add-minor-mode call (it isn't needed).
	Move add-minor-mode setup to end of file.

1998-10-21  Greg Klanderman  <greg@alphatech.com>

	* flyspell.el (flyspell-mode-map): add autoload cookie.
	(top level): pass the function flyspell-mode as the fifth 
	argument to add-minor-mode, not the value of the variable.

1998-10-21  Greg Klanderman  <greg@alphatech.com>

	* flyspell.el: synch to author version 1.4d.

1998-09-24  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* flyspell.el (flyspell-mode-line-string): New variable.
	Use `add-minor-mode' to add the minor mode to XEmacs.
	(flyspell-mode): Autoload.
	(flyspell-mode-map): Autoload.
	(flyspell-mode-line-string): Autoload.

1998-08-29  Jeff Miller  <jmiller@smart.net>

	* whitespace-mode.el:  added autoload cookie for whitespace-mode
	updated toolbar icon to use foregroundToolBarColor.

1998-07-03  Charles G Waldman  <cgw@pgt.com>

	* image-mode.el: Fixed image-decode to handle start and end args.

1998-03-25  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* folding.el: New file.

1998-03-16  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* iso-acc.el: Update maintainer: field.

1998-02-26  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* filladapt.el: Version 2.12 courtesy of Kyle Jones.

1998-02-25  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* xrdb-mode.el (xrdb-submit-bug-report): Require reporter here
	since we don't need it for bytecompiling.

1998-01-25  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* Makefile (VERSION): Update to package standard 1.0.
	* package-info.in: Ditto.

1998-01-12  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* Makefile: Update to newer package interface.
	(ELCS): Add nroff-mode, scribe and ws-mode.

1998-01-03  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* Makefile: Update to newer package interface.

1997-12-24  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* whitespace-mode.el: Strip usage of adapt.el.

	* xrdb-mode.el: Don't require 'reporter at bytecompile time.

	* Makefile: Created.