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time / ChangeLog

2003-05-11  Norbert Koch  <viteno@xemacs.org>

	* Makefile (VERSION): XEmacs package 1.13 released.

2003-05-06  Brian Palmer  <bpalmer@cs.stanford.edu>

       * time.el (display-time-display-time-foreground): Change 'modline
       to 'modeline, to match the docstring.

2003-03-09  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* Makefile:
	Delete explicit compile:: and binkit: rules.
	Don't add custom-load.elc to the list of generated elc's.

2002-11-29  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* .cvsignore: Remove files now handled automatically by CVS.
	* Makefile: Use `compile' instead of hard-coded `all'.

2002-10-15  Ville Skyttä  <scop@xemacs.org>

	* Makefile (srckit): Remove.

2002-08-26  Rendhalver [Peter Brown]  <rendhalver@xemacs.org>

	* Makefile (VERSION): XEmacs package 1.12 released.

2002-08-19  David A. Panariti  <davep@meduseld.net>

	* time.el (display-time-convert-num): Added 'echo-help to display
	current date when mouse pointer is over modeline time extents.

2000-10-05  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* *: Mega typo fix.

1998-04-24  Kirill M. Katsnelson  <kkm@kis.ru>

	* time.el (display-time-can-do-graphical-display): Check if we're
	on a window system in general, not only 'x.

1998-01-25  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* Makefile (VERSION): Update to package standard 1.0.

1998-01-12  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* Makefile: Update to newer package interface.

1998-01-03  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* Makefile: Update to newer package interface.

1997-12-24  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* Makefile: Created.