tm / tm-latex.el

;;; tm-latex: tm-view internal decoder for LaTeX
;;; by OKABE Yasuo <> (1994/11/11)
;;; modified by MORIOKA Tomohiko <>
;;; $Id$

(require 'tm-view)

(defun mime/decode-text/latex (beg end cal)
  (let* ((cur-buf (current-buffer))
	 (name (or (cdr (assoc "name" cal))
		   (cdr (assoc "x-name" cal))
		   (concat (make-temp-name "tm") ".tex"))))
    (switch-to-buffer mime::article/preview-buffer)
    (funcall mime/find-file-function (expand-file-name name mime/tmp-dir))
    (if (or (<= (buffer-size) 0)
	    (y-or-n-p "Replace the existing buffer?"))
	  (setq new-buf (current-buffer))
	    (set-buffer cur-buf)
	    (goto-char beg)
	    (re-search-forward "^$")
	    (append-to-buffer new-buf (+ (match-end 0) 1) end)

(set-atype 'mime/content-decoding-condition
	   '((type . "text/x-latex")
	     (method . mime/decode-text/latex)

(set-atype 'mime/content-decoding-condition
	   '((type . "application/x-latex")
	     (method . mime/decode-text/latex)

;(set-atype 'mime/content-decoding-condition
;	   '((type . "application/octet-stream")
;	     ("type" . "latex")
;	     (method . mime/decode-text/latex)
;	     ))

(provide 'tm-latex)
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