This directory:

README	    	-- This file
Makefile	-- Automated installation file

viper.el    	-- Viper Emacs Lisp code
viper-cmd.el   	-- Viper Emacs Lisp code
viper-macs.el	-- Viper Emacs Lisp code
viper-ex.el	-- Viper Emacs Lisp code
viper-init.el	-- Viper Emacs Lisp code
viper-util.el	-- Viper Emacs Lisp code
viper-mous.el	-- Viper Emacs Lisp code
viper-keym.el	-- Viper Emacs Lisp code

viper.texi  	-- Manual in Texinfo format

viperCard.tex   -- Reference card in TeX format

viper, viper-?	-- The Info files

viper.dvi	-- Dvi version of the Viper manual
viperCard.dvi	-- Dvi version of the quick reference card

To install Viper, do:

		uncompress viper.tar.Z
		tar xf viper.tar

Then do the following:

1. To compile Lisp:
      	    	make elc
   Since the DVI and Info files are bundled with the distribution, this is
   the only make command you need.
2. To recompile the DVI files (if you have to), type:
	       make dvi
3. To re-make the info files (if needed), type:

	       make info
4. To redo everything:

	       make all
   "make all" is useful if you made your own changes to the *.texi or
   *.el files. This way, this single command will recompile exactly what's
5. You can also run

	       make install
   to do what "make all" does plus to copy viper*.elc into
   a suitable Lisp directory and Viper Info files into the Info
   directory; DVI files containing printable version of Viper
   Manual and Reference Card will be copied into the 'etc' directory.
   You will still have to edit the 'dir' file manually (see below), if
   you haven't done so during a previous installation.
   To make all this happen, you will most likely have to change the PREFIX
   variable in Makefile and, possibly, one or more of these variables:
   if they don't point to the right directories in your installation.
   You also need to have a write permission for all directories
   mentioned in LISPDIR, INFODIR, and ETCDIR.
6. XEmacs users must invoke make with the parameter EMACS=xemacs.
   Even better: edit Makefile directly as indicated in the comments there.