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 If a document consists of several files we can designate one of them as a
 master and put the following at the end of that file:
-;;; Local Variables:
-;;; eval: (viper-setup-master-buffer "file1" "file2" "file3" "file4")
-;;; End:
+;; Local Variables:
+;; eval: (viper-setup-master-buffer "file1" "file2" "file3" "file4")
+;; End:
 @end lisp
 where @code{file1} to @code{file4} are names of files related to the master
 focus on relevant files only.
 Note that only the master file needs to have the aforementioned block of
-commands.  Also, ";;;" above can be replaced by some other
+commands.  Also, ";;" above can be replaced by some other
 markers.  Semicolon is good for Lisp programs, since it is considered a
 comment designator there.  For LaTeX, this could be "%%%", and for C the
 above block should be commented out.