VM was written by Kyle Jones! Hail Kyle! The last release from Kyle was 7.19.

VM's home page up to version 7.19 on the World Wide Web is at
http://www.wonderworks.com/vm and the FAQ is still hosted there.

This VM is based on my (Robert Widhopf-Fenk) patches against VM 7.19.

The persons who have contributed to this version of VM are:

 * Aidan Kehoe
 * Glenn ???
 * Jens Gustedt
 * John J Foerch
 * Kevin Rogers
 * Kyle Jones
 * Rob Hodges
 * Robert Marshall
 * Robert P. Goldman
 * Robert Widhopf-Fenk

Please mail me a note, if I have forgotten someone or accidently put you on
the list. 

Read INSTALL and follow the instructions to compile and setup VM.


If you have any problems or meet a bug it is best to discuss them on the USENET
groups gnu.emacs.vm.bugs or gnu.emacs.vm.info!  Also search the groups before
posting as there might have been some discussion and a fix before.

Report any problems or bugs otherwise they cannot be fixed!

Please provide the version number of VM and Emacs and how to reproduce the

Personally I am an follower of the XEmacs church and thus some things may not
work with GNU Emacs, nevertheless I test VM also on GNU Emacs from time to
time and I am happy to merge you fixes.


The new homepage of VM is at http://www.nongnu.org/viewmail/ hosted by
Savannah.  There is a bugtracker and other stuff, but I prefer the news


The Wiki at http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki?id=CategoryViewMail is
best suited to conserve code snippets, cooking guides or feature requests.

BZR (http://bazaar-vcs.org/)

I maintain my changes with BZR now, since CVS and SVN suck and TLA/BAZ do as well.

If you want to send me changes or start hacking on your own you may want to 
branch from my repository at http://www.robf.de/Hacking/bazaar/vm-repo.

# create your own branch from the trunk
bzr get http://www.robf.de/Hacking/bazaar/vm-repo/vm-trunk
# get updates
bzr pull
# start hacking 
xemacs vm-pgg.el
# commit your changes 
bzr commit
# Generate a bundle of your changes for merging
bzr bundle-revisions --output=xy-changes.diff
# Attach the bundle to a mail (rather than doing cut&paste) and send
# it to hack@robf.de with a descriptive subject.  


The documentation of my changes is incomplete and the changes may even cause
new problems or bugs.  

This VM provides the following hacks & enhancements and other stuff not
listed here, as I am quite lazy in writing docs. ;c) 

Additional extensions for VM written by myself:
- vm-pine.el	      for draft handling and other Pine inspired functions.
- vm-ps-print.el      for nice ps-printing functions
- vm-rfaddons.el      adds various add-ons to VM
- vm-grepmail	      a grepmail interface for VM
- vm-avirtual.el      brings additional virtual folder selectors and functions
		      for spam tagging
- vm-biff.el	      is a xbiff within VM, notifying you of new mail
- vm-serial.el	      templates for mails, personalized serial mails 
- vm-summary-faces.el face base on virtual selectors 

Additional extensions for VM from other people:
- vm-pcrisis.el	      by Rob Hodges for people with personal crisis which need
		      to rewrite headers automatically. 
- vcard.el            by Noah Friedman <friedman@splode.com> for
  vm-vcard.el	      displaying vcards within VM.

Changes of the VM core (incomplete):
- make-autoloads: enhanced output & ignore links
- vm-mime.el:
	* vm-pine patch for attachment handling of continued message drafts
	* mime button displaying file name of attachment
	* write mime filter
	* qp-decoding of disposition parameters like filename etc.
- vm-mouse.el: handling of email-addresses like "mailto:" URLs
- vm-page.el: vm-energize-urls is interactive now, this allows you to easily
	      check URLs in a message you are currently composing.
- vm-reply.el:
	* Proper setting of subject & references when replying to multiple
	* Filtering of MIME types when yanking a message.  Now only those
	  types listed in `vm-included-mime-types-list' are yanked and you
	  will have no attachment mess any more!
- vm-startup.el: vm-mail takes now a subject argument
- vm-vars.el: two new variables for customization (see vm-reply)
	* vm-included-mime-types-list