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Avoid corruption with virtual folders, vm. Thank you Julian Bradfield!

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+2009-09-15  Aidan Kehoe  <>
+	* lisp/vm-virtual.el (vm-build-virtual-message-list): 
+	Merge Julian Bradfield's change of
+ , preventing corruption with
+	UTF-8 coding systems and virtual folders.
 2008-08-25  Norbert Koch  <>
 	* Makefile (VERSION): XEmacs package 8.07 released.


 			 ;; set enable-local-variables to nil
 			 ;; for newer Emacses
 			 (let ((inhibit-local-variables t)
+                               (coding-system-for-read
+                                (vm-binary-coding-system))
 			       (enable-local-eval nil)
 			       (enable-local-variables nil))
 			   (find-file-noselect folder)))))
 	    (set-buffer (or (and (bufferp folder) folder)
 			    (vm-get-file-buffer folder)
 			    (let ((inhibit-local-variables t)
+                                  (coding-system-for-read
+                                   (vm-binary-coding-system))
 				  (enable-local-eval nil)
 				  (enable-local-variables nil))
 			      (find-file-noselect folder))))
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