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stephent  committed 1bc91af

Rebuilding VM requires make. To support rebuilding in place, the
original Makefile is supplied as Makefile-kj, and a README.bytecompile
added to explain the procedure (very brief, we assume you know what
you're doing!) in the list of files included in the binary package.

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File Makefile

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 	vm-summary.elc vm-thread.elc vm-toolbar.elc vm-undo.elc vm-user.elc \
 	vm-vars.elc vm-virtual.elc vm-window.elc
-EXTRA_SOURCES = vm.elc vm-autoload.el vm-autoload.elc
+EXTRA_SOURCES = vm.elc vm-autoload.el vm-autoload.elc Makefile-kj \
+	README.bytecompile
 PRELOADS =-l ./vm-byteopts.el -l ./vm-version.el -l ./vm-message.el \
 	-l ./vm-macro.el -l ./vm-misc.el -l ./vm-vars.el

File README.bytecompile

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+Kyle sez:
+    Rebuild VM with make, always, or there will be trouble.  The
+    compiler has to know about every macro used in a Lisp source
+    file so that they can be expanded.  If the bytecode interpreter
+    encounters a macro at runtime, it will testily bark the exception
+    Invalid function: (macro . #<compiled-function (pos &optional buffer) "...(9)" [set-marker (make-marker) pos buffer] 4>)
+So, if you must edit and rebuild VM from the installed package, edit
+Makefile-kj and use `make -f Makefile-kj ...'.