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Put pixmaps into etc/vm/pixmaps

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 EXPLICIT_DOCS = $(wildcard info/*.texi)
-DATA_FILES = $(shell echo pixmaps/*.xpm) $(shell echo pixmaps/mime/*.xpm)
-DATA_DEST = pixmaps
+DATA_FILES = $(wildcard pixmaps/*.xpm)
+DATA_DEST = $(PACKAGE)/pixmaps
+DATA_1_FILES = $(wildcard pixmaps/mime/*.xpm)
+DATA_1_DEST = $(PACKAGE)/pixmaps/mime
                                 (expand-file-name vm-configure-datadir))
                            (expand-file-name "pixmaps" vm-dir)
 			   (expand-file-name "../pixmaps" vm-dir)
-                           (locate-data-directory "vm")))
-	 image-dir)
+                           (let ((d (locate-data-directory "vm")))
+                             (and d
+                                  (expand-file-name "pixmaps" d)))))
+         image-dir)
     (while image-dirs
       (setq image-dir (car image-dirs))
       (if (and image-dir
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