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package Makefile overhaul -- remove explicit targets, explicit specification of generated .el files, etc; all is done using directives [i.e. variables], as documented in XEmacs.rules

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 PRELOADS =-l vm-byteopts.el -l vm-version.el -l vm-message.el \
 	-l vm-macro.el -l vm-vars.el
-TEXI_FILES = $(PACKAGE).texinfo
 DATA_FILES = $(shell echo etc/*.x??)
-EXTRA_OBJS = vm-autoload.el* vm.el*
+GENERATED_LISP = vm.el vm-autoload.el
 include ../../XEmacs.rules
-compile:: $(ELCS) vm-autoload.elc vm.elc auto-autoloads.elc $(PACKAGE).info
-vm.elc:	vm-autoload.elc $(ELCS)
 	@echo "building vm.elc (with all modules set to autoload)..."
 	@echo "(defun vm-its-such-a-cruel-world ()" > vm.el
 	@echo "   (require 'vm-version)" >> vm.el
 	@echo "   (require 'vm-autoload))" >> vm.el
 	@echo "(vm-its-such-a-cruel-world)" >> vm.el
 	@echo "(fmakunbound 'vm-its-such-a-cruel-world)" >> vm.el
-	@$(BOOT_XEMACS) -f batch-byte-compile vm.el
 vm-autoload.el: $(ELCS:.elc=.el)
 	@echo scanning sources to build autoload definitions...
 	@$(XEMACS) -vanilla -batch -l ./make-autoloads -f print-autoloads \
 		$(ELCS:.elc=.el) >> vm-autoload.el
-# VM's info file needs to be formatted with texinfmt instead of makeinfo. (??)
-# We arrange things so that we do NOT need the packages to be already
-# installed when we do this.  After all, we're compiling and installing
-# the packages right now and need to be able to bootstrap. vm.texinfo
-	$(XEMACS) -vanilla -batch -insert vm.texinfo \
 autoloads: vm-autoload.el
-binkit: binkit-common